Indoor Family Activities

During rainy season or heavy snow, when the little ones cannot do any outdoor activities they have the tendency to get bored. As parents you need to be creative or else you might hear a lot of whining from the little ones. Being creative is an important skill that stay at home moms must have. Here is a good list of indoor activities for the family:

  • Cartoon strip – all you need is pencil and paper and your drawing skills. At the bottom part of the pad paper start drawing stick figures, in each page there should be slight movement done by the stick figure. Once you are done, fan the pages and see how the figure moves just like in the cartoons.
  • Feely Box – use a shoe box with lid, then put a hole and place something inside for the kids to feel and guess. The person who gets the highest correct answer wins the game.
  • Paper Bag Puppets – this can be the easiest thing to do; all you need is the paper lunch bag and crayons. Then draw a face and viola! you have your own puppet.

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