Indoor Vs Outdoor Fountains

Indoor Vs Outdoor Fountains- why one cannot take the place of the other?

Fountains are a great source of visual appeal and mental tranquility. They build up an atmosphere that is relaxing, soothing and pacifying. They are being used since ages to adorn and glamorize the space as well as to create an appeasing focal point in the room.

However, there is a major concern that comes in to consideration that can either of the fountains be replaced with each other? Can indoor fountains be used as outdoor adornment and vice versa? Are there any considerable reasons why one cannot take the place of the other?

There are several obvious reasons to it. Most of the buyers are not aware of the facts that the fountains that work and fit well outdoors may not be suitable inside. Likewise, indoor fountains may not be suitable for outdoors for essential reasons.

Many of the shop owners would make a fool out of the buyer and convince them that both have similar functionality. This is not the case, as the Outdoor water fountains sell their products according to their desired location and functionality.

We are elaborating the variation between the two, you may decide for yourself.

Materials used for manufacturing

Anything that is being built for the outdoors is made of durable materials and such are the outdoor fountains, they are durable. They are located outdoors to survive all sorts of weather conditions, storms, scorching summer heat, and snow in winters. That is why they are constructed with materials like bricks, concrete and marbles.

While on the other hand the indoor fountains are made of materials like softer stones, acrylic, bamboo etc and such materials may not survive the intense weather conditions outdoors. Indoor water fountains require more maintenance as compared to the outdoor ones. Indoor fountains made of these materials if installed outdoors will corrode very quickly and easily.


Both types of fountains are manufactured for different settings and environments. When it comes to the outdoor fountains, the first thing that is to be kept under consideration is the size.  The size of the landscape as well as the fountain itself. Then comes the backdrop, plants and theme. The advantage of outdoor fountains is that they require a minimal amount of decorative elements to be synchronized with the garden theme.

While on the other hand the indoor fountains need extensive planning before installing one, keeping in mind to match it with the color scheme, decor, furniture and windows. A bit of fancy lighting can do the job of making it the centre of attraction in the room.


Both indoor and outdoor fountains can result into splashing. While the splashing occurring outdoors is quite easier to deal with as well as less injurious. The splashing may occur due to heavy wind storms or rain, may not be hazardous if the flooring is not water sensitive. Outdoor fountains may require a whole lot of construction process for installation.

The splashing resulting from indoor fountains may turn into fatal accidents such as slipping on the wet floor. You got to be watchful with that. Indoor fountains mostly require no heavy construction process; they can be installed at any location of your choice. Mostly they are electronic and require an outlet nearby.


Size is one of the most vital aspects that discriminate one from the other. Both the fountains have very definite installation limitation according to the size. Outdoor fountains are huge and made for vast and wide landscapes, so placing them in an enclosed indoor site would be fundamentally difficult to maintain.

Indoor fountains are smaller in sizes and are intricate in design and detailing. They are mostly used to be kept on tabletops, kitchen counters or staircase where they are visible and doing their job the right way. If they would be kept outside, they may be dwarfed by the tall and bushy plants and wide spaces.

We have very closely compared the two together, in order to make you aware that both the types are enormously different from each other in every existing way. Now it is up to you to make your decision wisely.

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