Indulging in Healthy, Tasty and Crunchy Munchies from Almondina

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Women over 30 ( not that I am already 30 – well not atleast for a month) usually become more conscious of their diet because of their desire to remain fit and healthy even when their metabolic rate starts to slow down. As such, low fat and low calorie food items became staples and munching on sweet and tasty treats like cookies and chocolates are often seen as guilty pleasures. At least that was before I discovered some healthy cookies that allow me to munch without the guilt, the Almondina Cookies.
 photo almondinaorig_zps1036c4bb.jpg These thin and light cookies, are made from a secret recipe handed down by Grandma Dina. They are made from all natural ingredients with no cholesterol, no preservatives, and no added salt or fat. The original flavor was a cookie richly filled with almonds and raisins. I absolutely love the crunch and texture created by the raisin and almonds. The lightly sweet taste of the cookie and the flavorful blend of almonds and raisins can keep you munching on the whole pack without realizing it. It can be paired with hot drinks like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, and also tastes good when dipped in cheese, ice cream, jam or my favorite spread Nutella.

Aside from the Original Flavor, Almondina Cookies are also available in Choconut, Cinnaroma, Gingerspice, Almonduo, Bran Treats, Sesame, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Dipped, Yogurt Dipped Almondina, and Milk Chocolate Almondina. The sweet tooth in me naturally fell in love with the Chocolate Cherry and Chocolate Dipped varieties but, my husband and I both love their Classic and Almonduo flavors.

Maintaining healthy eating habits becomes easier and more fun when you can share healthy and flavorful treats with the people you love. Munching on Almondina Cookies is definitely a great way to enjoy a healthy habit.

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  1. Andrea Smith says

    Those look really yummy. I love almonds. I gotta try these.

  2. I love almonds! And almond cookies?? That is just beautiful. All of those flavors sound delicious too. I want to try the pumpkin spice, and chocolate cherry!

  3. These look really yummy! They all sound great but I want to try Choconut!!

  4. Jennifer Seigler says

    I love almonds! I think any would be great to try! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have seen these around–now I am going to buy and try them for myself!!

  6. I have had these before.they go great with coffee

  7. Alaina Bullock says

    These have got to be some of the best cookies I have ever had! Truly delicious!

  8. Christy Maurer says

    These sound very yummy! I have never tried them. I like that they are more healthy than traditional cookies!

  9. I had never heard of this company before. I love love love almonds and things almondy. I am all about low cal and healthy snacking, let me tell you, I need tasty things to keep me out of the donuts! Thanks for the heads up.

  10. I am over thirty and these sound like the perfect treat for someone like me.

  11. Kim Hendrix says

    Will have to try these.

  12. Jessica Lodge says

    These are so addictive ! I love these andmy kids love these. Once a package is open it’s gone. I dip them in my coffee and then just snack on them the rest of the day. Delicious!

  13. Those look really yummy! I think my kids would love them.

  14. Terri Evans Morgan says

    Mmmm, these look great.

  15. these would be great for holidays!

  16. M.Clark says

    They look delicious!! I’d like to try the Choconut, Gingerspice, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate dipped, and Milk Chocolate Almondina.

  17. Becky Schollian says

    YUM!! The chocolate cherry looks fab!! what a yummy way to stay healthy & cure that sweet tooth at the same time!! Awesome review…

  18. maribel ramirez says

    I want to try all of them. I want to eat healthy when im eating a snack, even if its just a cookie.

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