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Kitchen appliances have come on leaps and bounds in the last ten years or so but what are the next generation kitchens going to look like? We are still a long way from the instant food producers of science fiction but some of the smart appliances out there are not a far cry from kitchenware only dreamt of by older generations.

It’s not too hard to peer into the future when you consider the factors that would be most attractive to the consumer.

First of all there’s the rising cost of utility bills. This means people are using their appliances less than in times of economic boom. There are some appliances that are more notorious than others for using a lot of electricity, these include: your dish washer, washing machine and most of all tumble dryers.

While tumble dryers and dish washers could be seen as luxuries a washing machine really is a necessity. With this, many people are considering purchasing more energy efficient appliances, if you are finding yourself of the same persuasion you may want to consider a BEKO washing machine found at Appliances Direct.

As well as environmentally friendly appliances, another aspect that may concern the modern consumer is that of technology. There are a multitude of smart appliances that feature some really cutting edge technology.

The smart appliance trail blazers in terms of hi-tech gadgets are unsurprisingly, those which aid us in making our favourite meals. There are expertly designed slicers, timers, slow cookers and even microwaves that have the technology to scan your bar codes for cooking instructions! A Freezer from for example could include features such as an LCD Display for temperature regulation, ice dispenser with differing ice type options and an integrated evaporator.

With all of these amazing features available in appliances on the market already, perhaps it won’t be long before we are seeing some really space age kitchens!



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