iPad May-nia – FB Likes 5


  1. Karlene Shamir says:

    I cannot like Single Moms Inspirations, I don’t know why. It takes me to my facebook homepage. 🙁

  2. Sherry says:

    Done like all above

  3. Will join this one…

  4. Carmen Lebron says:

    Love to like all of the above

  5. safwan says:

    love this giveaway

  6. tami s says:

    Facebook Like page 5 had facebook public profile that would not let me like it i refreshed several times with no change

  7. Janet says:

    Thank you great give away 🙂

  8. liked ALL hope to win

  9. Dianna Thomas says:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway– All liked on FB pa5#

  10. hazel (@kimbapbaby) says:

    i want to win T^T give me sth huhu iPad pls ??? <3

  11. Like them all!

  12. Claudia says:

    Liked all on facebook thank you!

  13. Jessica Pulido says:

    Liked the facebook Page~!~!~ and followed on twitter~!~!`

  14. Ann Fudge Cluck says:

    Nothing there 🙁

  15. Karen Hand says:

    Cannot like as page is not loading properly as none of the blogs are showing.

  16. cheryl degraff says:

    Only one to `like` here??? Also, couldn`t find the link on entry #2 but wouldn`t let me undo my entry

  17. Ann Fudge Cluck says:

    Nothing is loading still

  18. Nichelle says:

    This page is not loading.

  19. Karen Hand says:

    Not loading yet. Thanks.

  20. Alycia M says:

    No FB “likes” to click on.

  21. darlene bohannon says:

    no fb pages are loading !!!!

  22. tiffany dover says:

    none pages are loading

  23. Karen Hand says:

    Liked all. Momma for fixing the page.

  24. Karen Hand says:

    Tha last comment should read “Thanks Momma.”

  25. Liked ALL hope to win

  26. Liked them all.

  27. Ivory Hudson says:

    All this clicking Like is hard all the eyes, but hopefully its worth it.

  28. nataly carbonell says:

    The one on top of
    Mommy Bitacora on Facebook
    Didn’t let me like probably because it was restricted. Hope I DONT GET DISQUALIFIED FOR THIS TECHNICAL ERROR

  29. michealgrim says:

    liked the all ,last page was not working correctly.

  30. Rosemary M. says:

    I’ve got the same error as nataly, third one down isn’t showing up.

  31. Saba Babbar says:

    Done all

  32. Sherry says:

    I like this way of like fb so easy

  33. Liked all

  34. agree with sherry

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