iPad May-nia – FB Likes 5


  1. Karlene Shamir says

    I cannot like Single Moms Inspirations, I don’t know why. It takes me to my facebook homepage. 🙁

  2. Sherry says

    Done like all above

  3. Will join this one…

  4. Carmen Lebron says

    Love to like all of the above

  5. safwan says

    love this giveaway

  6. tami s says

    Facebook Like page 5 had facebook public profile that would not let me like it i refreshed several times with no change

  7. Thank you great give away 🙂

  8. liked ALL hope to win

  9. Dianna Thomas says

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway– All liked on FB pa5#

  10. hazel (@kimbapbaby) says

    i want to win T^T give me sth huhu iPad pls ??? <3

  11. Like them all!

  12. Claudia says

    Liked all on facebook thank you!

  13. Jessica Pulido says

    Liked the facebook Page~!~!~ and followed on twitter~!~!`

  14. Ann Fudge Cluck says

    Nothing there 🙁

  15. Karen Hand says

    Cannot like as page is not loading properly as none of the blogs are showing.

  16. cheryl degraff says

    Only one to `like` here??? Also, couldn`t find the link on entry #2 but wouldn`t let me undo my entry

  17. Ann Fudge Cluck says

    Nothing is loading still

  18. Nichelle says

    This page is not loading.

  19. Karen Hand says

    Not loading yet. Thanks.

  20. Alycia M says

    No FB “likes” to click on.

  21. darlene bohannon says

    no fb pages are loading !!!!

  22. tiffany dover says

    none pages are loading

  23. Karen Hand says

    Liked all. Momma for fixing the page.

  24. Karen Hand says

    Tha last comment should read “Thanks Momma.”

  25. Liked ALL hope to win

  26. Liked them all.

  27. Ivory Hudson says

    All this clicking Like is hard all the eyes, but hopefully its worth it.

  28. nataly carbonell says

    The one on top of
    Mommy Bitacora on Facebook
    Didn’t let me like probably because it was restricted. Hope I DONT GET DISQUALIFIED FOR THIS TECHNICAL ERROR

  29. michealgrim says

    liked the all ,last page was not working correctly.

  30. Rosemary M. says

    I’ve got the same error as nataly, third one down isn’t showing up.

  31. Saba Babbar says

    Done all

  32. Sherry says

    I like this way of like fb so easy

  33. Liked all

  34. agree with sherry

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