Is Your Child Safe in School?

As mommies, we cannot help but worry about our children whenever they are out of our sight.  Unfortunately, a big part of our children’s days are spent in school.  At some point, we have to learn to let go and trust that our children will be able to protect and defend themselves.  That does not mean, however, that we should simply walk away and shrug our worries off.  There are things that we can do in order to ascertain the degree of safety we can count on when our kids are in school.

  1. Talk to the school officials.  They should be able to tell you about the school’s safety and security policies.  Aside from physical and premises safety, you also have to make note of health safety.  This includes checking out the cafeteria to see whether they are serving up healthy food prepared and packed under sanitary conditions.  Find out too what kind of disaster preparedness programs they have in place and the steps they have taken to ensure that key people are assigned to coordinate these initiatives.
  2. Talk to other parents.  Not everything that goes on in school happen in the classrooms where teachers can see and reprimand kids who are misbehaving.  Many of the accidents, intentional or not, happen in the playground and in the school bus.  Talk to other parents to keep abreast of what’s going on – names of kids who exhibit disruptive or aggressive behavior usually circulate in the parents’ circle.
  3. Talk to your child.  Your child might not be able to tell you everything straight out but you can surely pick up hints by closely listening to what exactly it is he is telling you about.  If he is suddenly unwilling to do things he used to love or to go to places where he used to hang out, there is definitely something wrong.  He could be the latest victim of the school bully.




  1. I agree with you 100%. When my daughter was younger I used to be able to gauge whether or not she was ok by talking to her. It’s alot harder now that she’s a teen though.

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