It’s a Green Light for Buying Solar Hybrid Flashlight

The rising costs of fuel and electricity is enough to motivate me to consider household tools and appliances that are energy efficient or those that make use of solar power. I can easily save on battery replacements and electrical consumption and help protect the environment by simply choosing these types of tools. Battery operated flashlights are must have tools around the house that I happily replaced with a Solar Hybrid Flashlight. I no longer have to bother with keeping spare batteries nor disposing the used ones, and it works great too.

solar flashlight

These flashlights are small, lightweight, durable, waterproof and energy efficient. It harvests energy from sunlight or room light then stores it for later use. You don’t have to crank, shake or wait for a few seconds before the power comes on. It features a 1-watt 2x Super bright LED, power source indicator lights, and back-up battery. The back-up battery allows you to use the flashlight even when the solar cell has been drained. This means that you can rely on your flashlight to work at all times. The battery has a shelf life of seven years so you don’t have to worry about replacing it frequently or soon after purchase. You can use the power source indicator lights to check whether it is charging, using solar power, or back-up battery. I prefer to use the solar power all the time and reserve the back-up for emergencies, so I always double check the indicator. You also have to teach other flashlight users on how to use the switches or they might end up draining your back-up. I also like the fact that it is waterproof which means I can work with it even in the rain or underwater. It is also so lightweight that it can float in the water.

solar flashlight

The Solar Hybrid Flashlight is one handy and eco-friendly tool that can be used around the house, for emergencies, and travel. I was quite happy with my first buy and bought three more when it became available at a discount in buygreen, one for our emergency kit, one for the car, and one that I always bring along with me. They may be pricier than their battery operated counterparts but they tend to be more efficient and practical in the long run.

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  1. maribel r says

    Thanks for sharing we definitely need this since the power went out for 2 and a half houurs.

  2. This is perfect! And a great use of saving the environment and reducing the usage of batteries!

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