Keeping the Playroom Safe

Your child’s playroom is the perfect venue to witness how your little one learn new things and have fun. Thus it is very important to keep the playroom safe and organized at all time. When your child begins to crawl it is the best time to think about creating a safe haven for your little one. Here are additional tips for parenting/child-safety that you may find useful:

  • Put plastic covers on all electric outlets because this may fascinate your little ones because these things are on the child’s eye-level when crawling.
  • Keep your DVD players  away from the floor level, your child may force something inside the player and may damage it.
  • The door is one of the main reason why a child is brought to emergency rooms. Keep your child away from any possible door injuries by putting doorstops to prevent catching those little fingers and clothing.

As a mom, you need to be on the top of your toes at all times. The little one is very curious about the surroundings and you don’t want to give your child traumatic experience. Start child-proofing your home before it is too late.

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