Keeping Traditions Alive

There are certain customs that we all grew up with.  Although some of them might not make sense at present time, we can still keep them alive through stories passed on to our children.  It would be a wonderful way to share something with your children.  At the same time, they will be more grounded in their roots, as they hear stories about their rich cultural background.  Instead of leaving your child with his milk and cookies at snack time, you can regale him with stories of tradition as he devours his treats.

As you share your stories, make sure that you keep them age-appropriate.  Turn stories of folklore into more understandable terms without changing their essence.  Keep things interesting and upbeat.  Be ready to answer questions from your inquisitive little ones.  There’s surely going to be a lot of whys and hows as they try to reconcile differences between traditions and present day life.


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  1. Great reminder! I love folklore!

  2. I love keeping the traditions alive in my family!

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