Keeping Your Kid’s Stuff Out Of Lost And Found

How many times has your child come home missing a pencil case, a lunch bag, a gym shirt or whatever school item that seemed to have forgotten its way to your child’s bag?  How many times have you gone to the school’s lost and found section to look for it only to find a dozen similar items that have been lost by other children?  Losing items apparently is a part of school life as every child is wont to lose a thing or two in his entire stay in school.  What makes finding it harder is that school children more often than not own the same articles of clothing and school supplies.


Here are some ideas to make sure that your child’s school items can be easily identified and returned whenever they get misplaced:


1.     Use fabric school name tags on school uniforms especially those used during gym class as these are the ones that are often left in the gym.  If you have two or more children, placing name tags on their uniforms also make sorting uniforms a lot faster.
2.     Use iron on labels on clothes.  These types of labels are great for small items of clothing such as socks.  Just be sure that you purchase iron on labels from reputable stores and properly follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the labels stay on the clothes.
3.     If you are handy with the needle, you may sew monograms on school uniforms, ties and handkerchiefs.  This is probably the most lasting way of labelling clothes but does require great skill and, of course, plenty of time.
4.     Print out personal name labels on sticker paper and stick on items that do not require washing.  Also have sheets of name labels uk offers ready for every new purchase of school supplies such as pen cases, notebooks, CD cases, and lunch boxes.
No matter how you label your child’s school items, the most important thing is that they are all properly labelled.  Believe me, this would save you much time sorting through things in the lost and found section.
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  1. Yeah good info I sure need this as my son going school soon

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