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Review by Mommy Liza
When my 2 little girls were still toddlers, I had bought numerous sippy cups to find the perfect one  for them. I looked for drip-proof, leak-proof and so on and so forth. I bought variety of brands and although some that I bought didn’t leak or drip during  the first few days, it started leaking once my kids started biting the tip of their sippy cups.


My kids had the habit  of biting their feeding bottle nipples to create a bigger whole for more liquid to come out. There were also many sippy cups that were hard to clean. I had to throw away most of the sippy cups that I bought for the reason that I can’t clean it too well because the spout can’t stay clean as I wanted it. It traps rotten milk and no matter how I wash it, the dirt and the smell won’t go away.


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Now that my girls are ages 5 and 7, what they really need is something leak and drip- proof because they are so playful and can make a mess once they play while drinking. .  When my kids  had the chance to receive the  sippy cups from KidBasix, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Each girl  received the safe sporter sippy cup with a mud cap that  keeps the spout clean when closed. and clicks into place against the back of the bottle for fuss- free drinking. It has the pull spout designed to be  easy open-close for little ones. The mouth is wide enough for easy cleaning and  easy acces for ice cubes during summer time.

Unlike other sippy cups, the body of the safe sporter sipppy cup is made of single- walled, non leaching, anti-microbial, food-grade stainless steel to maximize volume and keep it lightweight. When filled with ice cubes, it can function  as a lunch bag ice pack. That’s why my girls use theirs everyday when bringing lunch to school. Not only that, the sleeve provides insulation and a grip for little ones who has small hands. The coaster is provided to protect from dents and perfect fit for standard cup holders.

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Having these sippy cups, I now  have peace of mind that they are not coming  home with wet shirt, or that they will spill juice on my carpet nor leave a sticky soda spill in my car. Sippy cup cannot be only enjoyed for being leak and drip proof, it can also be enjoyed because of its shape, color and most importantly it’s safe for the kids.  Check out KidBasix and find the best sippy cups for your little ones, for sure, you can find what is perfect for their needs.


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  1. april yedinak says

    I really like that it is stainless steel. I feel bad about all the plastic sippy cups my kids have had over the years.

  2. Mommy Liza says

    Wohooo! they love their sippy cups, and enjoying it everyday.. Best product ever.

  3. really great product and another great review

  4. OMGosh we were just talking about this stinky cup problem the other day! It is so aggrivating. These cups look perfect, I am checking them out now – thanks!!!

  5. Christina Strapp says

    I have heard a lot about these. It would be nice to find a cup that didn’t leak or break.

  6. Hm.. Never heard of these. Thanks though I will look into them. I know that we’re always having issues with my nephews cups.

  7. One of my mom’s friend’s baby has that and he loves it! 🙂

  8. Mitzi Fisher says

    These are so nice and would make a mother soooo happy!

  9. Michael Lambert says

    My wife wants some of these. My daughters cups always leak or break. It would be nice to find a cup that doesn’t leak.

  10. laurie nykaza says

    plastic sippy cups are a must with the kids especially in the car no drip, no leak. I like how these don’t spill and don’t hold smells either

  11. Sylvia Ortiz says

    This is perfect for my 1-1/2 year old grandson – as we too have been through numerous “sippy cups” that leaked all over his clothing when drinking. Thanks for the great share!

  12. My daughter loves her kidbasix water bottle!

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