Kids Academy Learning App Reviews

Kids Academy Learning App Reviews

**This is a sponsored review for Kids Academy Apps.   All opinions are 100% my own.**
ABCs Alphabet Phonics & Montessori Learn to Read App
Kids Academy Review Preschool
 This app is helping my little brother so much. It’s a fun learning experience for him. There are so many flash cards and animations and that helps a lot when teaching them. It gets him I to learning more and more. It’s also funny yet teaches. Everyone needs fun with leaning and this app does just that. Thanks so much for this app. You can visit here to learn more and get this free app!
Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Kids Games App
Kids Academy Review Happy Home
  This app is has helped my brother because it’s not only fun but easy for him to learn. There are over 200 Interactive worksheets. They have workbooks for him to do and he can learn at his own pace and that to me his very important. It’s repetitive to help with his numbers and letters. I recommend this app because it’s fun and really does help with learning. Thank you Kids Academy for making this app easy as well. You can get this free app and see more HERE.
Bingo ABCs Alphabet Phonics Song with Farm Animals Cards
Kids Academy Review Bingo
This is a learning bingo app that is fun for kids. My brother loves bingo and this here has made him more alert and have self confidence to dance around and sing. It’s karaoke mode lets you sing along and you can record your kids too. Now my brother gets a kick out of hearing himself sing. You can touch the screen too and new items come up. He has learned his farm animals with the cards they have too. This keeps him active for sure. Thanks for yet another great app. You can go here to get this free app!


  1. Stephanie Phelps says

    I think this app would be awesome for my son. He loves to play games and to learn at the same would be great!

  2. Jennifer Hiles says

    This looks like a pretty neat app. I like the graphics and the karaoke mode sounds pretty fun. My daughter is 3, I bet she would like this.

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