Kids and Technology

Image source: / Gefesselt © Robert Schmetz

Humankind has definitely come a long way, and technology is a living testament to that. Back in the day, when our forefathers were shaping the first hunting tools, farthest from their minds was the idea that there would be gadgets which could get you anything you want at the mere push of a button. The only apple they knew then was the one which grew on trees, and not the apple nano we know today.

What’s even more amazing is how our kids are able to keep up with technology. It’s a wonder how they seem to know how to fiddle with those electronic gadgets without even so much as reading a manual or asking for help. It’s almost a shame how they are more adept with technology than most of us adults are.

More than anything, we parents have to exercise discipline in our children when it comes to using computers and other gadgets. Once they’re helplessly addicted, that’s when the danger sets in.

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