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And here’s another great giveaway!

Here we go everybody! Are you ready for this? Freebie Shark, American Family, Coupon Pro, and Mark Your Savings have teamed up with Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom and a group of AWESOME bloggers to bring you 1, no 2, no 3, NO 4 CHANCES to win a Kindle Fire! You read it right, there are 4, yes 4, Kindle Fires up for grabs in this colossal giveaway! We have taken all the work out of the rafflecopter and made this as easy peasy as possible ? So what are you waiting for?

Goodluck everyone!!


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  1. Erica L. says

    High school

  2. Michele F. says

    2 months ago

  3. this week! and it was lovely!

  4. wish i could win this one…..wish wish wish wish

  5. It was a year ago since I last read a book cover to cover. I just don’t like to read books. It’ll be interesting to read digital books.

  6. Stephany Porter says

    Some time between kids 1 and 2…..they are 11 and 9 now, and I have 5 kids all together now. Not a ton of time to read, but I’d like to do it more!

  7. Lycus F. says

    A months ago.

  8. More than two years ago!

  9. 2 years ago

  10. 2008

  11. Tilak Suryanarayanan says

    Last week!

  12. Michelle Ma says

    College 2010 🙂

  13. allison cothen says


  14. finished one 2 days ago

  15. um, during pregnancy and it took me the whole 9 months!!

  16. Nadiya Hayati says

    I can’t remember. Probably two years ago… :-/ Anyway, thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Hope I win! ^^

  17. about 3 months ago

  18. Amber Graff says

    Almost everyday! Can’t help it when there is just too many books. Oh My! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Just last week!

  20. last week

  21. Just finished an awesome book review yesterday! I love me a good book

  22. debra pearlstein says

    about 2 months ago! It’s hard lately to find time!

  23. Just a few days ago!

  24. Marian Peralta says

    6 months ago

  25. Annerooo says

    The last time I read a book from cover to cover was 2 months ago.

  26. hmmm a year ago

  27. Just this weekend. 🙂

  28. last month i finished the Hunger Games series. trying to read another book now…not done with it yet. 🙂

  29. This week and it was lovely!

  30. Caitlin Nicole says

    The last time I was able to read a book from cover to cover was when the Twilight books were coming out (and BEFORE it was a fad…), I miss reading. 🙁

  31. The last time I read a book cover to cover was last week. By the Light of the Silvery Moon, by Tricia Goyer

  32. Joanna Jane Liwag says

    Last night =) I hope I win!

  33. Marizza Domingo says

    It was August of last year.

  34. I constantly read books. The last one I finished was a few days ago. I guess it is not “cover to cover” because a lot of them are eBooks now a days haha!

  35. Susan Lolo Bua says

    on yesterday 🙂

  36. It’s been several months since I finished a paper-bound book. I’m reading one right now, in paper-back! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this magnificent giveaways!


  37. About 2 months ago 🙂

  38. 3 years ago, just before my lil girl was born. No time since!

  39. A few days ago.

  40. Teressa Bignell says

    GL everyone, & ty for the contest!

  41. Amanda Wright says

    The last time when I was able to was when I had a major surgery and had to stay in the hospital for 5 days.

  42. It’s been a few months but it took me about a week to read it, usually I can finish a book in a couple days!

  43. Too bad I didn’t join this giveaway.

  44. Sherry says

    Oh I miss out this

  45. i miss out too


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