Kitchen Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

The dishes need doing, the laundry is spilling up, diapers need changing, that refrigerator part needs to be ordered from Part Select , and the children need to be fed.You also have to do your “general cleaning.” But how are you to cope and not lose your mind?

Busy moms will benefit from making schedules every day if they want to accomplish all that they want to do. Even home tasks will find time grids handy. Prepare one that has a checklist of all the “home work” you need to do. Then just fill up the time slots. Divide the big task into little tasks and tackle them one at a time. Here are kitchen cleaning tips for busy moms like you:

housewife1. Empty your kitchen closets. Find out if you still really need those things in the kitchen closets. Keep only what you’ll need. Throw out the rest or give them away.

2. Throw away unused or old bottles, cans or jars with contents over eight months old. Remove pots and pans that you no longer use. Store those additional serving dishes and take them out only when you need them.

3. Make sure kitchen cabinets are clean. Use multi-purpose cloth for cleaning, wiping and maintaining a variety of surfaces. Use it to clean, wipe or dry tabletops or sinks.

4. Always have a pair of rubber gloves in your kitchen so that whenever you feel like working (cleaning, for example), you should use them to protect your hands. To avoid the sweaty feeling when your rubber gloves get damp, put powder in your hands before wearing the gloves.

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