Lakota Herbs Arthritis, Joint, and Pain Medicine Review

Lakota Herbs Arthritis, Joint, and Pain Medicine Review

I was given a box full of Free Lakota Herbs in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions and statements here are 100% my own.

Lakota is a blend of herbal medicine: white willow bark, yucca root and devil’s claw, boswellia and others; combined with modern, natural ingredients such as glucosamine and collagen type II.  Lakota was founded in 2000 by two farmers from British Columbia.  By 2005 Lakota was the top-selling topical pain reliever in Canada.  In 2010, they started their online store.

Lakota Herbs Arthritis, Joint, and Pain Medicine Review

Lakota works to relieve your joint, muscle, back, or arthritis pain. Lakota provides pain relief for myself and my mother in law.  I have arthritis pain, pain in my hands from typing all day and have also had back problems since I was just 15 years old.  The back problems are causing me knee pain as well.   My mother in law had a back injury when my husband was just three years old and she now has slipped discs and some other issues that are causing her knee pain as well.

I received a box of numerous different types of pills and roll on treatments to help ease pain.  I received the extra strength arthritis pills and roll on and even though I really wanted them, I gave those to my mother in law, because she is in severe pain and some days just can’t take it.  She has given these a try, and she wants to continue taking these.  She says that the first day she noticed that the pain eased up a bit, but still felt a little pain.  Over the next few days of taking it, she says she feels no pain at all, as long as she continues to take the pills and use the roll-on, on her knee.  She uses the roll on four times a day and she takes 2 pills in the morning with food and two in the evening with food.  She is really impressed with it.  She wants to try a few other products as well on Lakota Herbs site.  We looked and they had some Rheumatoid Collagen Formula that she will be purchasing.  She wants to also try their diabetic foot pain cream as well, since she is a diabetic.

Not only did I receive what I gave to my mother in law, but I also received numerous other joint pain pills and roll-ons and I have also tried the pain pills and roll-ons.  They really do work and I am impressed as well and will continue to use Lakota Herbs site for my pain remedies.  I am at the computer all day since I do blog and own three websites, and these products are a must for me.  My hands have not been in any more pain since using the roll-ons and pills.  They do work better when taken over time.  If you are planning on trying Lakota Herbs Medicines, just know that taking them over time, you will see better results.

Lakota Herbs also carry canine arthritis pills for your dogs.  We have not used that yet, but I do plan on trying this with one of my older dogs.  He yelps at times when we go to pick him up since he is getting older.  I was also sent a box of Pain and Sleep Aid.  This too, works!  I enjoy natural products and I have to say, this is one of the best natural products that I have tried to date.  This medicine works!  If you are looking for a natural pain medication you can purchase from Lakota Herbs HERE.

Each person uses such natural medicine at your own risk. It is up to the user of said products to seek professional advice.  I am not giving any professional advice.


  1. Marie Galion says

    Love that its made with natural ingredients.I can’t wait to try! Thanks

  2. Jennifer Hiles says

    This sounds really interesting. I wonder if they ship to the US. I’ve heard of boswellia before but the other ones (willow bark, yucca root and devil’s claw) I’ve never heard of. I have to say, I’d be interested to learn the origins of devil’s claw. The name begs research. haha. Sounds like they work pretty good, I’ll have to check out their site.

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