Lelepets Holiday Giveaway

Lelepets Holiday Giveaway

Welcome to Lelepets Holiday Giveaway!!

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Event will run from December 15 to December 30, 2012

This is open to US residents only

Grand Prize: Fatboy Pet bed + $50 Lelepets GC

Consolation Prize : $50 GC (2 winners)

There are hundreds of daily deal sites worldwide that offer great discounts on clothes, home furnishings, beauty products, toys, and electronic gadgets.  Whatever you need, you can most probably get from these sites at less than half of its retail price. LeLePets.com is one such deal site but what sets it apart from all the rest is that it offers deals solely for pet products.


Pet lovers will definitely be delighted with this daily deal site that is dedicated exclusively to our most-loved pets.  Now you can get your fave pets high-quality brilliantly designed pet products at very affordable prices.  LeLePets members get full access to daily deals that can get them up to 70% off designed inspired pet products.  LeLePets.com is exclusive for members only. However, membership IS FREE and you can get exclusive access to the site by requesting membership with a valid email address.
If your schedule is too busy and you just can’t find time to check the site daily, fret not ‘cause LeLePets will send you a daily or weekly newsletter via email to keep you updated with the current and upcoming fab deals.  That way, you’ll never miss that deal you’ve been long waiting for.
I’m certain you’re excited to go shopping for cute and adorable accessories for your lovable pets.  Well, how would you like to get some free credits to use on your shopping spree?  Join my giveaway by telling me what your favorite item is on LeLePets.  There are always new deals daily so your choice may change every day as well.  Join below for more chances of winning.

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  1. I have a pitbul terrier and the Unbreakoball would be perfect for Lady Girl.

  2. Mary Becker says

    Could really use the bed that is part of this giveaway. Two of my foo-foo dogs could fit on it. So, it would definitely my pick.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  3. Kathleen Patnaude says

    I would love the fat boy bed. my dog tries to sleep on my bed and there is not much room left for me with 2 big cats on there too.

  4. I love the fat boy bed but I didnt see it on the site. But I would love to have it, maybe I could reclaim my bd back!


    Super huge Dog bed for sure I could put that to use lol. Have a Blood Hound

  6. thanks for giveaway my dog would love fat boy bed

  7. amber griffin says

    The bed would be my pick nice and big!

  8. Have a special place for this bed – window Floor level by the fireplace. We call it Doggie TV because they lay there are watch the outdoors!

  9. The Refined Feline Graceful Cat Furniture

  10. cathy henatyszen says

    I like the usagiTeam Collar and Leash set, the bow ties are so cute, great for those little short haired dogs.

  11. I like the UsagiTeam bow tie collar

  12. Nikkie Cossairt says

    Fifi Runn Camo Collar

  13. The bed for would berrific for my 13 year old terrier mix. His bones are beginning to show it’s age.

  14. april Clark Trent says

    I love the Usagi Bow Tie Collars!

  15. Lori Davis says

    FIFi run punk rock collar.

  16. The leashes are fabulous and fun.

  17. the leash and collar sets and spiffy,

  18. The cat furniture is great!

  19. sonya black says

    I want the fat boy bed for my big 120lb blue pit..he is too big for my bed..help!

  20. Rogue would love a new bed!

  21. Karen Glatt says

    I like the Pawz Canine Coats!

  22. I like the Bumper Pet Decals.

  23. Michelle Spayde says

    I love the Kitty Ball Bed!

  24. Karen Glatt says

    Crafted Pup Gear is so cute, it is cute coats for your puppy to wear!

  25. Amy Butler says

    Kitty ball bed

  26. christina flynn says

    Rocky would love a new bed! I also like the bumper stickers that are on sale.


    fat boy bed

  28. Jill Jacoby says

    The refined feline kitty ball bed is awesome!

  29. Karen Glatt says

    I really like the Pet Ego pet beds!

  30. kelly mcgrew says

    the cat furniture!!!!!

  31. Katrina B. says

    I like the usagiTeam Collar and Leash set

  32. Jennifer K says

    My lil Bailey would love this bed!

  33. Marie Butler says

    The fatboy beds would be perfect for my two dogs!!

  34. cat furniture

  35. My pup would love the Large Dozer donut… looks so cozy & comfortable.
    Journeys, Joys, & Junk http://tomlindaughter.blogspot.com

  36. Large DOZER DONUT

  37. Karen Glatt says

    I like the Doca Pet stands for a dog”s bowl! How cute!

  38. Jill Jacoby says

    I would love the Pet Ego Sunny Side Up Cushion.

  39. I like the Pet Ego Soft Deck House http://www.lelepets.com/pet-ego-sale-2/pet-ego-31.html Thanks for the giveaway

  40. Vanessa D. says
  41. Elisabeth Wellington says

    the “refined feline” cat bed.

  42. Trish Booth says

    Love the refined Kitty

  43. Karen Glatt says

    They are having a really good sale on these dog collar items called Legitmutt!

  44. I love the pet ego bed for dogs.

  45. Tammy Dalton says

    I LOVE the Camo Parka!! This is the link to it~http://www.lelepets.com/a-pet-life/pet-life-15.html
    It would look adorable on my Beagle Max!! :0)

  46. Tammy Dalton says

    Sorry but I can’t follow all of those Facebook pages, there are just way too many!! I already have over 5100 Likes on my Facebook page because of giveaways I enter so adding 120 more isn’t possible, although I REALLY wanted to win this!! What a bummer!! :0 (

  47. Michelle Spayde says

    I like their Doca Pet feeders!

  48. I like the Pet Ego soft deck house. My cat would love it.

  49. Andrea Lyon says

    I would love the bed, I foster boxers and it would be perfect for my senior foster boy

  50. Mary Stack says

    I love all the beds they have. My babies would love them.

  51. Nikkie Cossairt says

    Stylish, Functional Canine Coat

  52. Jill Jacoby says

    I like the Pet Life Fashion Parka in Pink!

  53. Snacks for my dog!

  54. Dj Merritt says

    I love this bed, My floors are so darn cold in winter even with Carpeting. I have quilts and blankets folded for my Snuffy to sleep on. He always gets cold though and sneaks in under the covers at the foot of my bed. With this bed he might actually sleep there.

  55. Karen Glatt says

    I like the Unique and Natural Products that are for sale on this site!

  56. Michelle Spayde says

    Today I like the Christmas Freebie!!! 🙂

  57. Judy Behling says

    I like the Natural products on sale

  58. Stacy Desmond says

    PawzStylish, Functional Canine Coat was cute.

  59. Michelle Spayde says

    I like the Legitimutt Leather Collar in Pink

  60. Karen Glatt says

    Toru Apparel for Hip Pooches! Such cute outfits!

  61. Christina Faustini says

    fat boy pet bed

  62. I’m mostly interested today in the Christmas Freebie that is coming up! I love surprises so I’m curious as to what it is!

  63. Karen Glatt says

    I like the Toru, fashion for Hip pets clothing items!

  64. Susan Herrin says

    I love the bed. Both my dogs could fit on there.

  65. wendy mastin says

    I like the skunk odor remover; always have to have on hand.

  66. Karen Glatt says

    I like the Pride Bites. They are high quality dog treats!

  67. SHARON BAUER says

    Always need new and better beds for my Buster. Nothing too good for him. Fat Boy bed of course

  68. I could use a nice big bed for my cat. He’s huge and needs a dog sized bed

  69. Jennifer isbell says

    love the purple hoodies by Toru just love the cute cloths for pets so cute

  70. I love the toru hoodie that says butthole sniffer!

  71. Jill Jacoby says

    I love the Toru purple LOVE hoodie!

  72. Karen Glatt says

    I like this book called the Zen of Slobber!

  73. wendy mastin says

    I LOVE the LOVE hoodies.

  74. I like the fact that I can get a discount. I just wish I would of known of this earlier so I could have gotten of the magazine Bark. I love the bed. Thanks for allowing me the chance to entry this contest!

  75. Barbara Stenby says

    I love the Bark Club Hoodie

  76. Velina Jo Acosta says

    Sinking to 27 tonight, this would be amazing for our puppy.

  77. nikki krutz says

    i like the pride bites

  78. I like the TORU Whizzer

  79. Karen Glatt says

    Today’s deal is Legitimutt Gatsby Coats! So cute!

  80. Christine Allen says

    One of the Legitimutt Gatsby Coat for my puppy would be nice!

  81. StephanieC says

    I love the plaid Gatsby coats by Legitmutt!!

  82. I love the TORU “Rescue” hoodie! I could get one for each of my dogs.

  83. Lisa Weidknecht says
  84. Kathy Goyer says

    I love the Toru Good Dog Hoodie, it is so cute.

  85. Margaret O'Malley says

    think I’d take it and let the dog have the bed! LOL

  86. Pride Bites snack treats!

  87. Debra Ann Hunter says

    I like the Legitimutt coat on sale

  88. Karen Glatt says

    Today’s awesome deal is Pride Bites high quality dog toys!

  89. Lindsey Roberts says

    I absolutely LOVE the PrideBites Nerd chew toy. What a great idea! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

  90. maria alvarado says

    I like the DoggySnooze

  91. Rebecca Anne says

    I wish I would have caught the free Bark mag… but the Doggy Snooze sale that is coming up looks great! Both my Dogs need new beds …… *Hint: it would be so nice to have to only buy one instead of two LOL Thanks!

  92. Lindsey Pegram says

    I like the Legitimutt Gatsby Coat.

  93. nikki krutz says

    pride bites

  94. Karen Glatt says

    What is on sale today is a book called Zen of Slobber! A wickedly funny book telling the tale of life with nine rescue dogs. Sounds like an awesome book to read!

  95. Mary Diehl says

    I like the fat boy bed, my dogs would love it, thanks for this giveaway

  96. Michelle dement says

    Love the gatsby coat so cute

  97. I like the dog coats.

  98. Facebook group 2, 7, and 10 don’t work

  99. love the pink Gatsby coat inXL

  100. Karen Glatt says

    A really cute clothing company Called Haus of Pets makes cute clothes for dogs!

  101. Michelle Spayde says

    I love the PrideBites Mini Lady Bug!

  102. christy k. says

    has to be the DOGMA book! LOL “the zen of slobber”!!

  103. The pet bed in your photo of course. 🙂

  104. It’s always nice to spoil our one and only dog. He deserves it!

  105. Karen Glatt says

    On Tuesday Jan 1, there will be a sale for Sleek, Stylish Furniture for dogs! The furniture looks so nice. The Company is called Doggy Snooze!

  106. Trisha Bizier says

    Pet furniture, so my dog can stop sleeping on my bed! lol

  107. Nikkie Cossairt says

    Dogma Book.

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