Load Up on the Cs

The old and trusty Cs of nature has a lot of health benefits for the entire family. Among the health benefits of Vitamin C include: warding off infections, coughs, and colds; aiding in iron absorption; promoting healthy skin, bones, gums, and teeth; and helping in collagen creation. Getting enough Vitamin C from the foods that we eat is easy with a regular diet of fruits and vegetables.

Health experts recommend getting daily doses of Vitamin C from foods such as oranges, lemons, bell pepper, broccoli, berries, papayas, and pineapples. Although the upper limit of Vitamin C intake is set at 2,000 mg per day, the recommended daily allowance for this vitamin varies depending on age.

Those who do not have quite a healthy diet might have to take supplements and multi-vitamins to get their recommended dose of Cs. For our little ones, it is important to consult with the pediatrician to see exactly how much Vitamin C they can safely load up on. Vitamin C is water soluble and anything in excess of the recommended daily allowance is flushed out of the system. But, there are health conditions like G6PD, kidney stones, and liver ailments where excessive intake of Vitamin C can have adverse effects. So, keep within safe doses and always check with your family doctor for any pre-existing health conditions.


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  1. I eat fruits everyday and take Ascorbic Acid. I notice that my skin glows.

  2. Its important get health check, fruits I like eat miss durian alot

  3. @LOURDES good for you I not eat fruits everyday

  4. i love fruits

  5. durian so hot~~get sick

  6. @Arena, I like eat durian but expensive

  7. @Arena, how much is durian there?

  8. expensive??ermmm

  9. not 3 for 10~~

  10. @Arena they have different breed durian so it’s costly

  11. My dear bought me a pack durian it cost usd5

  12. oic~~i dunno,my parent buy for me

  13. wow it is expensive~~

  14. @Arena yeah very expensive here so cannot always eat

  15. @Arena your parent so nice

  16. hmm~~do not eat too much,easy to get sick

  17. yaa~~they treat me so nice

  18. @Arena yah durian is heaty

  19. I always ask my son eat fruits but he does not like

  20. yes you know^^

  21. children always like that~must force

  22. @Arena force no use still don’t eat so eat vitamin c

  23. Ladies please let’s stay on the topic. I will delete comments that doesn’t make sense.

  24. okok^^so sorry we are out of topic

  25. eat vitamin C is a good way~~i also eat when i am child,because i no eat fruit when i was young

  26. I need find food with loads of C for family to eat

  27. @Arena, fruits and vegetable nice to eat, my friend slim down just eat that

  28. I don’t eat fruits too. My mom is always mad because I refuse to eat the fruits she serves on the table.

  29. Elijah loves vitamin C and it’s all because of Svet. Hoorah! I hope to take vitamin C and calcium too but I am very lazy. 🙁

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