Magical Birthday Gifts For Your Little Witch or Wizard

Magical Birthday Gifts For Your Little Witch or Wizard

We don’t know what it is about the Harry Potter books – and we’re not ruling out actual magic – but somehow they really grab hold of a child’s imagination. From the moment they pick up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone they’re immediately sucked into a world of owl-mail, moving portraits and cod Latin.

And why wouldn’t you encourage it? After all, as far as childhood fads go Harry Potter is one that encourages reading and makes school seem exciting. That’s not bad going. So once they’ve brought all the books, and the special edition Blu-ray, and you’ve managed to convince them that while hurling themselves head first down the stairs might give them a scar, it probably won’t be a lightning shaped one, what do you do next?

If you’ve got a little wizard or witch with a birthday coming up (Maybe even an eleventh one!) here are a few things you might want to get the owls to deliver.

Sorting Hat                                                                                                                                                         

The Sorting Hat is not only a fantastic piece of headwear and a brilliant replica of the prop from the Harry Potter movies, it also has the handy ability to sort all your friends and family into the school houses of Hogwarts, whether they’re Gryffindor (brave), Slytherin (evil), Hufflepuff (“loyal” – nobody wants to be Hufflepuff) or Ravenclaw (clever, but not as clever as Slytherin).


Of course the Sorting Hat is only your first stop on your journey to a magical education. A witch or wizard is nothing without their wand. Now you may think that getting a magic wand is just a matter of finding a tree and snapping off one of the dryer low hanging branches, but there is actually far more to these strange and mystical items, and each one is unique to the owner. Avid fans can get hold of the wands of every wizard from Dumbledore to Luna Lovegood.

For those who want a wand of real power however, you might want to invest in this wand remote, which allows you to change the channel, forward or rewind your DVDs, or change the music all with a flip of the wrist.

Bring Some Real Magic Into Your Life

While you can use your magic wand to control all the technology in your life, eventually you’ll want to practice some slightly more extravagant magic. Fortunately would-be wizards have access to all kinds of magic kits and instruction booklets full of amazing wizardly feats that even a muggle can pull off with ease!

Magical Food

Of course, birthdays aren’t all about presents. They’re about snacks as well! One of the things everyone remembers about Harry Potter is the wonderful array of fantasy foods the Hogwarts students are constantly grazing on. While some are less than appetising (earwax flavour jellybeans is the first one to spring to mind), others will have your mouth watering while you read. For not very much at all you can buy a set of amphibiously shaped moulds and make a set of chocolate frogs (jumping not included) while even the mysterious, presumably non-alcoholic butter beer has recipes online.

Go to Hogwarts – Or the Next Best Thing!














Of course, if you really want to go all out in celebrating all things Harry Potter, you’ll have to hop onto your broomstick and head to the home of Wizardry, the UK. In particular, it’s worth checking out the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour near London.

Here you can check out locations from the movies ranging from Privet Drive to Diagon Alley. While you look around you can take part in activities including a golden snitch hunt, and the chance to be photographed riding a broomstick thanks to green screen technology. It might stretch the pocket, but this is definitely the pilgrimage not to be missed for Harry Potter fans.

Acceptance Letter

But of course there’s only one thing any true Harry Potty fan really wants for their birthday, and that is an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. Fortunately, the wording for such letters is easy to find online, although getting it delivered by owl will be the real challenge.


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