Make Anyone Feel Special with Gifts from Personal Creations

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Make Anyone Feel Special with Gifts from Personal Creations


Nothing says “you’re so special” better than a personalized gift. A picture, a name, or a monogram definitely makes a gift item more precious and truly worth keeping. This is why we really can’t have too many stores that offer personalized items. I do have several favourites and each one offers unique products that can truly make anybody special.

Personal Creations is one of my most recent finds where I got a cute Sesame Street Bath Towel ($24.99) with Sean’s name embroidered on it. The towel is made of ultra absorbent 100% cotton terry and measures 48 x 24 inches – just right for my little toddler. With the cute embroidered Elmo design, bath time is now so much more fun for my little muppet.

sesame street towel

Since we’ve been travelling often and have been in need of ways to keep our toddler entertained, I also got him this Car Activity Organizer ($24.99) which conveniently holds pencils, crayons, and other art materials. Zip it open and a fold-out tray provides a place for drawing and coloring. It’s made of nylon and can be easily wiped clean with a sheet of wet wipes. The best thing about this organizer is that it can be strapped to the front seat and is accessible to Sean while he’s comfortably seated in his toddler car seat.

car activity

Personal Creations has personalized gift baskets for all occasion. Whether you are looking for gifts for a baby shower, a baptism, a birthday, a bachelor’s party, etcetera, etcetera, you’d certainly find one that’s filled to the brim with goodies that anyone would be thrilled to have. Choosing the perfect gift is also easy with everything sorted into categories based on recipient, occasion, and gender. There’s a Care and Handling fee though that I wish they would provide for free. Although I don’t mind paying a few extra bucks to make sure that each item I order is checked thoroughly for quality and accuracy and is packaged with utmost care, I still would love to have this included as a free service instead.

There are scores of lovely Easter baskets at Personal Creations now. I’m still choosing between the cute Plush Easter Baskets and the useful Sesame Street Tin Pails for Sean. I know he’d be thrilled to wake up with a basket of goodies on his bedside table on Easter Sunday. Better order your personalized gift baskets now so you can be sure you have them all ready come Easter.

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  1. Cute Ideas!

  2. I love giving personalized gifts!

  3. Awe these are cute! I love the kids stuff! If we had my step daughter more often I would love to get her the car organizer!

  4. Jenna M Wood says

    I just love that Spongebob towel, and it’s great that it’s personalized!

  5. Love that lap desk—perfect for traveling or when we visit family. I agree with you on the fee; that should be included as part of their service.

  6. Those are so adorable!! I’m sure that would be great, even more so without the fee.

  7. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    What cute products! I just visited the Personal Creations site and found so many cute things that I would love to have. I love the Rag Dolls and the Baby Alphabet Quilt. I loved all the doormats – just awesome.

  8. I have a 15 month old grand daughter who is an Elmo fanatic! AND loves bath time she begs for bath several times a day. WOW, she’d be gaga over that Elmo towel!

  9. Those bath towels are too cute. I’m going to get one for my niece.

  10. Lori Hoffman says

    I love giving (and receiving!) personalized gifts! It always makes someone feel like like a lot of thought and effort was put into their gift. The Car Activity Organizer above is really adorable!!

  11. Paula Robinson says

    I love personalized items!

  12. awesome ideas

  13. Krista Grandstaff says

    I love giving personalized gifts..I know how much my children have appreciated them…and it just shows that you went to the extra effort to make something a little more special 🙂

  14. I love personalized items and stores. This is such a cute idea. I especially liked the car activity organizer that is in your review. Thanks for sharing with us and have a wonderful day!!

  15. I just love personalized gifts! Especially for children.

  16. Renee' Harris says

    Great ideas!

  17. M.Clark says

    The towels are really cute, they would make a great birthday gift.

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