Make Kid’s Room Cleaning Fun

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Do you need to shout on top of your lungs just to make your kids clean-up their room? If so, then it’s about time that you find ways to make room cleaning fun activity for the whole family. There are ways that will be enjoyable for kids and parenting will be easier too.

  • Create a game like who will be the fastest kid to pick up the toys; give small reward afterwards.
  • Break down the tasks into smaller ones, instead of saying clean up the room; be more specific in giving instructions. You can start with the toys, later on the kids’ dresser and so on.
  • Make your kids’ achievement visible by setting up sticker charts. This will give the kids a better idea on what they have accomplished.


  1. OSeñorita says

    Great tips! We follow the first tip. And always compliment and appreciate your child for a job well done!!!

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