How to Make the Office Fun, Creative and Inspiring

How to Make the Office Fun, Creative and Inspiring 

are increasingly realizing that keeping their employees contained in those dull, lifeless cubicles is not the way forward. Ideas are not going to strike in a constrained work environment.


Where will the employees look for inspiration? How will they trigger their creative side? How will they stay refreshed throughout the day? These are a few questions you must ask yourself, as an employer.  


Companies such as Google, Apple or Facebook have set huge examples for the entire planet by having slides to go from one floor to another, mini golf for the golfers and rock climbing for the extremely adventurous. Can you believe that we are in a century where your manager tells you to take a break in the nap pod? These are a few of the companies which have proved that work and fun can go together. Or in fact, fun is needed wherever there is work. Here are a few ways you can make your office a fun, creative and inspiring place to work in.



  • Adopt a dog


Get an office dog and watch how your employees’ productivity soars to new levels. Too stressed about the investor pitch tomorrow? Go play with the furry friend and forget the nervousness. It has been proved by many studies that such canine companions help a great deal in reducing stress levels and boosting energy. It is also serves as amazing conversation starters amongst your employees. What more can you ask for?



  • Light up the place


Boring hospital-like lights or red and yellow table lamps? The choice is pretty obvious. Make use of decorative lights and funky lamps to ooze creativity out of your employees because lighting sure does help. Also, it is way more fun to work in a brightly lit office than a dull white tube light setting, don’t you agree?



  • Stock up on the munchies


Tea, coffee and biscuits – these are the must-haves for any work place. Food is a stress buster for many of us. Have your employees eat their stress or their boredom away so they emerge out of the cafeteria as new people, ready to take up an extra pile of papers. Offer a large variety of snacks and drinks to satisfy their hourly cravings. Gobble down a plate of yummy Instant Noodles before a 4-hour meetings perhaps? This is sure to lighten the office mood up.  



  • Have a recharge zone


This is the part of the office that is bound to be adored by your employees. Break the monotony of office work all day long and get your employees to indulge in indoor games. Perhaps a chess board, foosball, table tennis or the popular choice, snookers. In an 8-9 hour day in the office, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes in this zone, revitalizing yourself. And those working extra hours, they sure do need this to stay in the right headspace.



  • Open your doors to the great outdoors


This cannot be applied to all offices but nothing says fun more than working outdoors. The fresh breeze blowing into your hair might just help clear thoughts and help you think straight. Soak in the beauty of natural air and allow it to work its magic on your employees. Yes, many offices today have opted for the 16th floor in a skyscraper but imagine sitting under a pine tree and building an algorithm. Too good to be true? Maybe, but your office can come close by perhaps utilizing its backyard, open terrace or even the balcony as part of the office. Install some furniture, jazz up the place with some hanging lights, flower pots and voila!



  • Get some soothing visuals


By this we mean, decorate! Your infrastructure needs to be up the mark. Get bean bags or recliners instead of the usual black chairs. You could also incorporate the trend of coworking which allows an open seating structure at work. Instead of managers and partners getting their personal cabins, they now sit amongst the trainees. This allows for a free atmosphere that enhances productivity. Soothing visuals include an array of the finest and trendiest office furniture too. Check out furniture ideas at if you are looking for inspiration.



  • Organize team bonding sessions


It is fun working with your friends, but becoming friends with y/our colleagues is even better! A closely-knit team of employees would probably not even mind the dull, lifeless cubicles as long as they are together. Because company matters the most. Thus, engage them in team building activities. Perhaps organize frequent trips, exquisite dinners, quick lunches or the good old, bond over tequila nights!

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