Make your dining room the centrepiece of your home and bring the family together

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Spending some quality time with the family is important for both parents and children. However, a busy and stressful working life with several commitments means that this is often difficult. What’s more, the kids seem more interested in watching television, playing video games or socialising with friends.

A recent report even found that parents were only spending on average 49 minutes a day with their children. Therefore, a large number of families only get the chance to see each other at dinnertime, which can also be a fairly rushed and short-lived affair. Nevertheless, it is still possible to bring a household closer together by making your dining room a more welcoming environment for the family.

Choose a theme

From contemporary fixtures to traditional furnishings, a definite theme will result in an encapsulating dining room. A clean and basic style is sure to be well liked by all, while bold colours will create a dramatic and intimate space for family or friends.

It might be a good idea to create a mood board with paint cards, fabric swatches and pictures from magazines. Continually adding design ideas will give you a greater understanding of what the room could look like. Consult your family over their own individual dining room preferences, as everyone will be spending a lot of time by the table.


Although you may already have a colour preference in mind, the shade and tone of the walls can have a dramatic affect on a dining room.

It has been found that red stimulates the appetite, making it perfect for the dining room. Rich and dark shades give a warm impression and make the room a thoroughly pleasant space for all the relatives.

If you’re unsure about committing to such a bold colour, paint one accent wall and leave the rest neutral. You can also contribute to the room’s theme with tablecloths and soft furnishings.

Colours such as pink and violet should be avoided, as these tend to supress the appetite. Blue is also a bad choice, as we do not associate this colour with food.


The choice of furniture is once again down to personal preference, however, deciding upon which tables and chairs would work best can be troublesome.

Even though there are several outlets selling furniture, reputable and established retailers such as Sainsbury’s offer dining chairs, tables, fixtures and decorations with the same level of quality as its other products.

What’s more, with free standard delivery on orders over £50 and a guaranteed high-level of customer service, it is as easy and convenient as doing the weekly shop.


With the dining room mostly used at night, the right choice of lighting is crucial. Low-hanging lights and candles give a more intimate feel, making every mealtime feel like a special family occasion.

As this will be a space where the family gets together, be personal with accessories. Family portraits and cherished photographs are welcome additions to the wall. You want the dining room to be an informal and friendly environment so that everyone can enjoy being in each other’s company.


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