Making Good Use of Precious Time

Time is a precious resource.  It’s something that you cannot gain back if you lose it.  These days, all of us cram our days with a multitude of things to do in order to try and maximize our time.  But, are we really being productive if we have a lot of things on our daily checklists?  Multi-tasking is something that we are all familiar with.  There are studies that more and more people today are associating productivity with doing several things at the same time.

As mommies, we can all be poster girls for multi-tasking.  More than the number of things that we do at the same time, what counts more is the number of items that we actually get done and cross off our checklists.  Multi-tasking does not automatically increase our productivity.  We have to make sure that the quality of our work does not suffer and that we actually finish the things we set out to do each and every day.  Time management is a skill that we all have to brush up on in order to make multi-tasking work to our advantage.



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