Making Health and Wellness a Part of Your Daily Routine

Making Health and Wellness a Part of Your Daily Routine

Being a mom means being busy all of the time! It sometimes seems like there’s never a chance to stop and catch your breath. From the morning to the end of the day, we’re always doing something. Whether it’s getting the kids through breakfast without a huge mess or running the day’s errands, every hour is jam packed. It can be a real challenge to find time to take care of yourself when life is “go go go” all of the time. While we send the kids to wash their hands and hope they don’t catch colds, you might not even think about your own health. It’s important to carve out time from each day just to spend time with yourself! Here are a few tips on how to fit better healthy habits into the day without throwing yourself off schedule.

Make the effort to brush and floss every day. Reminding the kids to do it in the morning shouldn’t be your only contact with a toothbrush all day. It’s hard to find the time or even the bathroom privacy sometimes; it’s true. However, you can save yourself from plenty of headaches down the road by making the effort. Yes, flossing too! Getting into all the nooks and crannies of your teeth gets them cleaner. Flossing is good for your gums, too. Pick out toothpaste that guards enamel and go to town on your chompers twice a day. You’ll be glad you did when your dental visits run smoother.

Have a healthy snack or two between meals. Snacking has many benefits, and if you choose the right ones, you can even work on your overall wellness. Nibbling on a little cheese or some fruits is a good way to stave off hunger without resorting to junk food. Have some water (more on that in a moment) with your snack. Avoid the tooth decay-causing sugary sodas, tempting though they may be. Sometimes it’s easy to miss meals when your day is very busy. Snacks help you put that hunger to bed and focus on the tasks at hand. Plus you need that energy to be the best mom for your kids!

Get more water in your system. Let’s face it: hardly any of us drink enough water on a daily basis. We reach for the soda, the coffee, or the tea instead. Water is not only the foundation for life. It’s also the basis for good health. Dehydration can leave you feeling tired, irritable, and not at your best. Increasing the amount of water in your daily diet can have all kinds of benefits. Not only that but if you stick with filtered tap water, your teeth benefit as well. Because fluoride helps prevent tooth decay, water from the tap can be a positive influence on your health.

Make time for your healthcare, too. In between running the kids to their doctor and dentist appointments, make one for yourself. It’s important to avoid letting your health fall by the wayside. Your children want mommy to feel good and healthy, too! Choose a family dentist, such as VSP Dental, and both you and your kids can share the experience together. It might also help relax and soothe your child’s anxiety about dental trips.

Don’t neglect the power of the nap. Are you getting enough sleep at night? Probably not — most of us aren’t! Carve out a little time during the day for a short nap. Napping will let you feel better and boost your energy for a little while. On those particularly long days, a quick nap can be just the thing you need to reboot and tide yourself over until you get the chance to snag some more restful Zs at night.

Sparing the time to redefine your life with healthy habits can have a significant impact. You might feel less stressed, better prepared, and more ready to face the day. Plus you can keep yourself safe from any serious health problems! Just taking the time to sip water and caring for your teeth can make a big difference. Essential wellness doesn’t have to be hard to maintain — these easy tips are evidence of that!

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