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If you often find yourself working extremely hard all day, only to collapse into a heap on the bed at the end of it and repeat ad infinatum, you may end up simply going insane. It’s not difficult to find the spare time, despite what you may believe – in fact, it’s pretty crucial that you do.

If you’re lucky enough to have someone who can help you out with any of the regular things you find yourself doing so you can go for a walk, a night out, or even just sit down on the sofa with a cold drink and some Cheekybingo, then those people are worth their weight in gold. Although it may be tempting to constantly do as many favours as you can for everyone you know, it’s also healthy to realise that sometimes, people are happy to step in for you to give you a little breathing room.

Also, if you’re in a situation where a lot of the tasks you’re completing have no reward and don’t contribute to your financial stability or any other important aspect of your life, sit down and ask yourself why you’re doing them if they leave you with no spare time. Not everything needs to happen at once – you’ve got an entire lifetime in which to try things and garner accomplishments. Prioritise and streamline as much as you can.

It’s also worth remembering that everybody goes on holiday, from time to time, and it doesn’t always have to be on a tropical island! Some people literally just take a week off work to relax at home, catch up on things and refresh themselves, and it’s definitely worth it if it allows you to come back to things more motivated and positive. Exhaustion, of any kind, isn’t fun – so take time out for yourself and ensure you’re not working yourself into a nightmare situation!

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