Me-Time For Busy Mommies

Things can get quite crazy in the world of mommies, what with the many hats that we wear and the assortment of tasks we have to accomplish all at the same time. Unfortunately, not even the Energizer bunny can keep us “going, going, going…” all the time. Mommies get natural highs and feel euphoric with “small” successes as a well-cooked dinner polished off by the family, a ruckus-free trip to the grocery, or a hand scrawled “I love Mommy” note from the little one. But, there are times when Mommies too get the blahs – yes, we all do get it and nobody has to feel guilty about it.

To be able to go on doing what we do, we Mommies need our me-time too. No matter how busy your day is, be sure to set aside a few minutes as your designated me-time. Take this time to mentally and spiritually center yourself, clearing the clutter off your mind and lifting heavy loads from your heart. When you come out of your me-time, you will have a better disposition and outlook with which to face your daily challenges. The time that you take for yourself is actually a way for you to recharge so that there is more of you to share with those you love.


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  1. Jo Marie says

    I agree sis.. I’m a full time mom too.. as in 24/7.. Think I need a me-time too. Mostly ksi mga lakad ko kasama pa din sila.:D

  2. all moms need me time!!

  3. Sherry says

    Agree to have the me time, we need a break should have mommies day break to go shopping,

  4. Donna Jane says

    Me-time ,though I’m not yet a mommy I always have that ME time 🙂

  5. Moms should go out with their friends too and have fun.

  6. @LOURDES agree with you, I need catch up with my friend

  7. hoho~i think i wont

  8. @Donna Jane enjoy yeah

  9. @leah yeah I agree with you

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