Minky Couture Blanket Review

Minky Couture Blanket Review

I was given a Minky Couture Blanket in exchange for a review.  Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.


When this blanket arrived, I was really excited for my son.  I really wanted one for myself, but my children come first.  So the football theme we received.  My son, who is autistic absolutely LOVES his Minky.  He sits around the house with it all day.  He schools at home, so even when he is doing his school work, he sits it on his lap at the table.   When sitting and watching television, he has himself all wrapped up in his Minky.

Try to take his Minky Blanket from him and there is a huge problem.  He says it keeps him so warm.  It’s so soft to the touch and that is very important for him.  With the sensory issues that he has, he likes to carry soft stuffed animals around and rub them.  With having this blanket it looks a lot better for him.  Rather than carrying around stuffed animals at the age of 15, he is now able to carry his blanket and touch it when he needs to calm down.  He will rub his fingers over the brown soft side and will calm down.  He will smile as well.  It’s soothing to him.


I have washed this blanket, since getting it in my home, and it still has kept the softness.  Normally, blankets after being washed loses the softness and this Minky does not.  That is a huge plus around here.

Minky Couture has many designs, colors and styles to choose from for yourself, family, friends, tweens, babies and more.  They have all sizes for your entire family and you can make them bigger if you choose too! Minky Couture began in 2009 and continues to make these blankets for you.

Click HERE to get yours.  Right now, Minky Couture is offering 40% off to my readers.  Simply use code blog40 when checking out.

Thank you Minky Couture for allowing my family to have one of your blankets for review.  My son loves his and it has been a life saver.

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