Mom and Unborn Child Bonding

Everything is prepared for the coming of the baby in the family. But are you prepared to become a parent?  You may have read a lot of parenting resources to make you prepare for it. But it seems like there are just too many things to learn about parenting, and pregnancy woes seem to be endless too. Being pregnant should give you and your unborn child a chance to bond, remember to have a happy baby, moms should have a happy pregnancy too.

  • Moms should massage their bellies with their two hands; certain hormones are released which relaxes the uterus.
  • Sitting peacefully and daydreaming about the unborn child gives the expectant mom a chance to communicate with the baby telepathically.
  • Moms should listen to soothing music to connect and bond with the baby in her womb. The rhythmic sound is very relaxing to baby’s ears.


  1. OSeñorita says

    All of these are true. I remember when I was pregnant with my eldest. I was having worries. But, I was doing all of these tips and when he came out, the bond came out naturally.

  2. Sherry says

    Oh I don’t know of this I no try the above you mentioned

  3. Listening to music also makes the baby more intelligent, some people say.

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