Mommie’s Cash Saving Tips on Utilities

This is a recurring theme in most mommie help tips.  We can never run out of cash saving tips.  All mommies want to have a little extra left to add to the family’s savings account, to re-allocate to other household expenses, or to spend for a special treat.  So, for this round of cash saving tips, we take a look at how we can get savings on our home utility bills.

A general tip would be to make sure that your home is energy and water efficient.  This means that all your home implements that run on or use water and electricity should work by using as little resources and with as little wastage as possible.

More homeowners are now choosing to use more natural lighting in their homes or are switching to more energy efficient light bulbs instead of the traditional fluorescent lamps.  Switch off lights in rooms where there are no people around.  Use a small night light with a low wattage to illuminate your hallways in strategic areas instead of leaving your lights on.

On the other hand, water saving measures like shutting off your water while brushing your teeth or soaping yourself in the shower is a pretty standard water conservation tip.  Those who want to take a much more proactive stance in their water conservation efforts could look at rainwater systems for their household water needs.


  1. Yeah we switch off light in day as we can open window and glass door.

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