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A well-organized storage system is an important element of a clean and efficient kitchen. This would entail designating spaces for pots, pans, utensils, food supplies, spices, and everything else that you need for preparing food. Over the past few months we have accumulated some new kitchen tools for making Bento Lunch Boxes that I also wanted to organize. This is where Keter’s 3 Drawer Toolbox came very handy.

I know that heavy duty toolboxes belong in the garage or in my husband’s tool shed.  However, these handy storage boxes are also nifty for organizing stuff around the house.  Those who have tried preparing bento boxes for their kids in school would know that there are several cookie cutters, stamps, and molders involved in preparing one bento. Having one box for all my bento gear makes it easier for me to access the tools I need for preparing Sean’s special snack or meal. All I have to do is bring the toolbox to my work surface along with all the ingredients and everything is already within my reach. The Keter 3-drawer tool box is made of high quality plastic material that is both light weight and durable. Even Sean has no trouble getting it from the cabinet and bringing it to the kitchen table. It features full extension drawers, ball bearing drawer slider, central locking mechanism, heavy duty metal handle with soft grip, and deep top storage compartment. The ball bearing slider facilitates smooth movements in opening and closing the drawers while the central locking mechanism keeps the drawers closed and in place whenever the handle is up. This means that I don’t have to worry about the tools spilling on the floor whenever Sean is handling the box.

The Keter 3 Drawer Toolbox is designed to hold handyman tools like screwdrivers, pliers, hammer and the works but they can also be great for storing hobby supplies, use as medicine kit, or for kitchen gadgets. I am also thinking about getting another one for Sean’s arts and crafts supplies.

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