Mothers need Sleep Too

All parents will be aware of the havoc modern day life can cause on our mind and bodies. Working 9-5 is a thing of the past and sleep is now done where and when the opportunity arises. Family, children and work commitments can all have an effect on our mood, feelings and health. Looking after a new born baby can be an exhausting and gruelling part of your life. Not only do people need to adjust to this new routine and lifestyle but people’s homes need to also.

Houses now need to effectively block out any unwanted sunlight at sociable times of the day; a difficult task when using mainstream window treatments. Modern blackout roller blinds however may offer mothers and babies a realistic solution to this problem.

A person’s biological clock can work in mysterious ways. All sorts of factors can affect it, such as temperature, sunlight and sleep patterns and so it is important to ensure that you are getting enough sleep and total relaxation at the time of needing it. Blocking out any unwanted light is desirable for most people who are attempting to catch up on much needed sleep; a function that blackout roller blinds has. Mothers, and babies alike, can wake up feeling fresh and re-energised at any time of the day.

Light is not the only distraction that will affect sleep during the day. An increase in noise and temperature is felt throughout daylight hours. Although it is not practical to completely shut out all outside noise, blackout roller blinds can certainly reduce it due to the thickness of the fabric that is used to make them.

It is hard to believe but this type of blind will also save you money on your heating bills, meaning more money to spend on you and your little one. Again, due to the thickness of the fabric and the closeness of the blind to the window pane, cold air filtered through the glass will become trapped, leaving your room warm and cosy. Also, if heat is being circulated around the room then the blinds make it extremely difficult for it to pass through the window, again, keeping your home snug.

Roller blinds are available in a wide range of designs and colours; this also includes the blackout blinds. The perfect style for your home can easily be found meaning you do not have to sacrifice style for practicality.

Becoming a mother is the most rewarding duty known to any woman, however sleep deprivation can mean some new mums spend these first months sad and moody. Ensure that your home is well equipped to suit a busy, hard working mother like yourself.



  1. Being a mom is superb! One really needs a rest.

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