My Mommy Fascination: Guitar Pedals

I’m taking a quick respite from my regular mommy duties to give in to my occasional curiosities.  One of the things which I have always wanted to know was how those guitar effects pedals work.  Back in college, I had a close male friend who’d spend hours fiddling with his electric guitar as he typed in “mi audio effects pedals Musicians friend” on the Google search bar.  And then I’d see him tinkering with amps and pedals like they were his most prized possessions.

So, what exactly does the guitar pedal do?  Basically, it produces effects which enhance once music playing.  Some pedals distort signals, while others modulate.  Some produce an echo effect.

Whatever guitar pedals do, they never seem to fail to leave their audience in mouth-gaping awe.  Although my male friend was no Jimi Hendrix, he did manage to wow me with those guitar pedals.

So goes my mommy fascination with the guitar pedal… What’s your unusual fascination?


  1. I don’t really have any unusual fascination. But just like you I’m into music.

  2. guitar difficult for me><

  3. Sherry says

    There is guitar lesson to learn here but so expensive

  4. Sherry says

    @Arena, I am like you guitar is difficult for me, I don’t even have one but my dear had a cute one

  5. wow~he sing along with guitar to you?

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