MyWebRC Stunt Buggy: Defying Gravity at Full Speed

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Boys will always be boys and they will always love anything that has to do with cars.   No wonder my husband and my son both have their own collections of cars.  Toy race cars, vintage collectibles, pull-backs, remote-controlled cars – name it, they most probably have it in their collection.  Just like we women can never have too many shoes and bags, they can never have too many toy cars.

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Well, my boys have a new favorite now and even I am fascinated with it.  MyWebRC Stunt Buggy from My Funky Planet is by far the best remote controlled car in their collection.  More than your ordinary RC toy cars, MyWebRC Stunt Buggy defies gravity.  With a scale speed of up to more than 500mph, it can climb up walls and spin off cylinders.  The playstation-style controller gives you full function control to make it more forward or backward and left or right.  But what you should really try is to press that turbo button on the controller and watch the Stunt Buggy speed off at amazing speeds.  Want to see what others have done with their own Stunt Buggies?  Take a peek at the videos on Stunt Mania and vote for the stunt you love the most.  Better yet, take a video of what your own Stunt Buggy can do and upload it there.


There was no assembly required so we were able to charge it and play with it right after taking it out of the box.  Aside from the stunt buggy, controller, and ramp, there were also an instruction manual, a MyWebRC webCard, battery pack charger and 6 AA batteries (four for the battery pack charger and two for the controller battery).

MyWebRC Stunt Buggy measures 4 x 3 x 7 inches and weighs around 2.42 lbs.  It can be played indoors or outdoors but would have better performance on surfaces with a bit of traction.  Running on full battery, it can perform stunts and speed off runways for 20-25 minutes.  Ran out of battery?  Use the MyWebRC webCard to unlock your own stunt buggy online and play in a 3D virtual world while your real Stunt Buggy is being recharged for about 30 minutes.


This is ideal for beginners because it was built to withstand collisions and crashes from the different stunts it performs.  The Stunt Buggy has a set of roll bars that enables it to roll back to normal after a bad crash.  The controls are quite easy to handle also – well, except when the car is running at turbo boost and is quite difficult to control.  My two-year-old son loves to place it inside one of our big glass jars and watch it careen out of the cylinder.  He screams in delight every single time the stunt buggy shoots off the jar!

The MyWebRC Stunt Buggy retails at $29.99 and comes in blue or black buggies only.  Though my Sean loves the black buggy with the red mag wheels, I still wish there were more colors to choose from.  This mom would love to have one in hot pink just for herself.  🙂

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  1. I seriously thiink my son would love this!!

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  2. Holly Thomas says

    My Husband would love this!!

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