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During conversations with other moms, one of the child-rearing concerns that is often raised is the difficulty of getting children to go to sleep during bedtime and to take naps during the nap.  Most of my friends have preschool-aged kids who refuse to take daytime naps, become cranky during the afternoon, and have difficulty going to sleep at night.   By missing their naps and being overly active the entire day, you’d think they’d fall right to sleep when they hit their bed at night.  On the contrary, being overtired makes them less likely to fall asleep early with their minds still too active to go to dreamland.  Then there’s the problem of night terrors from having too much active play the entire day.
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The battle for the afternoon nap has just started between me and my young son.  At two years old, he’s at the age when he wants to explore his environment and getting him to take his daytime naps has become more and more of a challenge. Thankfully, I have found an ally at Posy Lane!  Among the myriad of personalized items the site has, I found some sleeping bag but I then I decided that the perfect naptime buddy for Sean is My NapPakTM Play Ball Nap Mat.

The My NapPakTM Play Ball Nap Mat ($49) is decorated with colourful soccer balls, basketballs, footballs and sneakers which is very appealing to sporty little boys. Made entirely from fabric consisting of cotton and polyester, this nap mat is definitely more comfortable than plastic mats provided by most day cares. Another thing that sets this apart from other mats is that it has a blanket and a pillow attached to it which makes nap times much cosier.  Unrolling the mat is very easy that it can be done without much difficulty by kids.  Moreover, storage and portability isn’t a problem as it rolls up tightly and has Velcro closure.  It also comes with a shoulder strap for easy transport. Cleaning’s not even a worry as the nap mat is completely machine washable and dryer safe.

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As with all products in Posy Lane, the My NapPakTM Play Ball Nap Mat can also be personalized with embroidery of the child’s name or monogram.  This is one product I can recommend to my friends to get for their children.  Perhaps, their little tots can be persuaded to take their naps – or even just their quiet times – on one of My NapPakTM’s colourful mats.



  1. My daughter naps on a mat at preschool and she goes right to sleep. It never occurred to me to try that at home where she resists nap time

  2. Andrea Smith says

    Those are so awesome. My son takes naps in Kindergarten, this would be great for him.

  3. Jenna M Wood says

    These NapPaks look great for trips to the park, or just lounging at home!

  4. so cute!!! what little kid wouldn’t love these!

  5. I love the idea of a nap pad. I should just have one with me when I go places with kids – just let them sleep anywhere (HEHE)

  6. Love the idea of a nap mat. Wish they had more choices like these when my kids were young.

  7. How cute! Love how easily portable it is.

  8. Melissa Smith says

    This would be great for my toddler son (& my 1 yr old daughter too). He has been fighting naps since he was 18 mths. For some reason, I think this might actually make him WANT to take a nap.

  9. A nap mat sounds like the perfect solution to help a very tired little one fall asleep anywhere.

  10. It was hard to get my daughter to take a nap, too, around that age. She would fight and fight until she finally fell to sleep from sheer crying exhaustion sometimes.



  12. K Squared Glamour says

    im pregnant right now and this is something i would find useful once my baby comes 🙂 thanks for the post!

  13. Renee Travis says

    These are really cool! They would be great for my grand kids!!!

  14. Angela Cash says

    I work at a daycare – wish we had these for all the little ones!

  15. Heather Diotte says

    These rock! So stylish and so practical! Wish we had all of these ideas when our kids were small!

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