New Wave Water Filter Pitcher: Filling the Need for Clean and Safe Drinking Water

Clean and safe drinking water is a necessity in every household which is why most governments ensure that the tap water being supplied to the public is generally safe for drinking. But just like the food we eat, one cannot be too careful with the water we drink. A practical option to get clean drinking water in your home is the use of filters for tap water. Installing a water filter in the sink is quite easy but there is also a no-fuss way to get clean drinking water from the tap, the water filter pitchers.

Homemakers who don’t want to bother with the installation process or those who don’t have enough space in their sink for bulky water filters are given a good option with these handy filter pitchers. As the name implies, these are pitchers that are fitted with water filters that help purify tap water. The one that I got is a New Wave Barrier Water Filter Pitcher. New Wave is a family owned company known for their eco-friendly products like their Enviro Filters, BpA Free water Bottles, Stainless Steel Bottles, and Litter Free Lunch Boxes.


Their water filter pitcher comes in two sizes, the Barrier Eco Pitcher holds 1.2L of water while their Barrier Grand Pitcher holds 1.65L. I opted for the Grand Pitcher so we can enjoy more clean water in one filtration process. The pitcher was very easy to use, all I had to do was put the tap water in and let it work on filtering the contaminants from the water. Chemicals like chlorine, lead, iron, mercury, cadmium, pesticides, or petroleum products that may have made its way in our tap water can be removed by the filters in the pitcher. I also didn’t have any problems with assembling and disassembling the pitcher for washing and replacing the filters. All the parts fit snugly with each other, even the filters.

Water filter pitchers are easy and affordable options for clean drinking water for the family. But if you have the budget and space available in your kitchen, a full water filtration system is still ideal for the house as you get unlimited use of filtered water. As for our New Wave Barrier Grand Pitcher, it still suits the drinking needs of our small family.

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  1. Such a great idea! Perfect for when you’re on the go and have no clean drinking source!

  2. md kennedy says

    These are so pretty! Maybe if I get one my husband will FINALLY stop buying bottled water!

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