No More Sleepless Nights with Back to Sleep Bear

Taking care of babies during their first six months is a test of endurance and patience for parents and caregivers, especially the first two months when you have to play guessing games whenever the baby cries and catching a good night sleep seems impossible. One cute and cuddly tool that can be used to help soothe and calm babies or lull them into a cozy nap is the Back–to-Sleep bear from Prince Lionheart.

Back To Sleep Bear

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Sleep is elusive for a parent who has to feed her baby as often as every two to three hours. The intervals may lengthen to 4 hours or more as the baby gets bigger but the challenge of getting them back to sleep still remains to be a challenge for some parents. The Back-to-Sleep bear is an audio pacifier that can soothe crying babies and lull them back to sleep. It comes with a multi-function sound box that plays in vitro sounds or authentic recordings of sounds inside a mother’s womb. These sounds are proven to be effective in calming babies and getting them to sleep soundly. The sound box also has a recordable function that parents can use to record messages for their baby or songs and lullaby. Those who are sentimental at heart may want to be careful not to erase their original message because it can easily be gone with a push of a button. This audio pacifier is equipped with sound and motion sensors that reactivate the recording whenever the baby cries or the bear is moved. It then automatically shuts off after five minutes of play to conserve battery.

With this cute and cuddly pal watching over the baby, there is no need to work double time in lulling the baby to sleep. Moms can also get their own share of shut eye whenever the little one is sleeping tight.

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You can buy Prince Lionheart Back to Sleep Bear at Amazon, Babies R Us, and many more sites. Click here for the complete list.

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  1. I wish I have one of theese when my kids were little hehehe.

  2. Wow! Sana maaga itong naimbento pra d naging mahirap yung pinagdaan ko before. Hehe. Very useful for moms talga. 🙂

  3. I wish I’d heard of this product five years ago. 🙂 My eldest was a very light sleeper and often woke up several times during the night.

  4. I agree, these are things that we never had when our kids were babies. This is very convenient for moms at night!

  5. Adin Blankenship says

    That is such a neat product then. I didn’t get to have one when my kids where little babies. Come to think of it, I didn’t really have a hard time putting my babies back to sleep coz I was a co-sleeper and they just pretty much snores. LOL! What a cutie one though. Would that work for big boys? hahaha.. my husband could probably use it. JK!

  6. Jessica Cassidy says

    My little girl used to have a bear like this. It helps her to sleep and now she sleeps with many stuff toys on her bed 🙂

  7. md kennedy says

    Such a great idea. I wonder if this would work for my husband when he can’t sleep and is cranky?!

  8. Such an innovative idea! Perfect for little babies to get them to sleep!

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