No quarrel on vacation!


You have a whole summer for you, the blue sea and your Diane von Furstenberg bathing suit. You’re more than happy, you are enitrely excited. But your boyfriend has a different opinion! It’s too hot,he does not find anything, service is hateful … and there is only one step until you start arguing. How do you avoid it? Here’s how!
We know that you do not stand his jealousy crisis or his lack of involvement, but don’t you think it would be better to settle disputes than to argue with him?

We believe it would be better to use some simple tricks to calm your “baby” angry and still enjoy the quiet holiday.

No matter what do not give him the satisfaction of ruining your holiday! Be calm, relaxed and you’ll see that eventually things will work. Under no circumstances do not give up vacation just because of his nasty replies.

1. Be a good listener
Do not swear him and do not minimize his “problems”. If he is not satisfied with the service, listen to him carefully and take account of his views.
In addition, keep conversation to a medium tone and do not let yourself govern by impulsive reactions. If you can avoid a potential conflict, do it!

2. Short visits and frequent
He does not like museums or cafes, but you really want to visit? Keep visits short and do not speak, tell him that you will stay only 30 minutes and make sure that you will not exceed the time allotted. If you prefer, you can make separate vacation plans. If you go to the same place, you can choose different routes and whileyou visit an exhibition, he can see the stadium a soccer team!

3. Positive conversations
Do you solve anything if you say no every five minutes? We tell you … NO! The key is to use positive affirmations and to have a more relaxed attitude. Do not tell him “We do not go to the game because I want to see a movie”, tell him” Let’s go to an outdoor movie, I want you to hold me in your arms and have an evening just for us. We can go next week the match. Please.”

4. Giving him the main place
We know that men want to be always in the spotlight. So use this as often as you can! Explain why it’s so important for you to join you and why you can not do without it.

In this way you managed to have him always beside you and your boyfriend will be very happy to know that you grant them so much attention.

5. Plan B
If your lover does not support climate, is allergic to food or plants, or is dissatisfied with the service, you should review the situation and if it is to benefit both of you choose another option.

Than two weeks living nightmare … better return home.

Warning: You might want to avoid talking after you have consumed alcohol. Perhaps local wine will give you a headache and feel like arguing. Trust us … not the case!


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