Noddy Childrens Pedal Car: A Pefect Outdoor Toy For Your Child

If you or your baby is a big fan of Noddy, then you definitely will love the Noddy Children’s Pedal Car Large. This pedal powered car is ideal for your baby aged 3 to 6. It requires to assembly at all, thus the moment you brought it home, all you have to do is to let your baby enjoy it right at the very moment it arrive. The car is similar to the car used by Noddy in the children’s TV show.

The car has a box steel chassis, thus sturdy enough to carry your child’s weight. It’s lightweight rust free aluminum body made the car easy enough for your child to pedal. The padded seat provides comfort for your child’s maximum fun and excitement as he or she roam around your garden or even the neighborhood.

Its ability to cater kids ages 3-6 allows parents to save on toys for their babies. In addition, the pedal power it has needed not to spend even a single penny just to let the toy car work unlike those battery powered ones.
Noddy’s safe and plastic bumper made it a perfect toy for kids. In addition, it has a fade resistant coat paint, thus requires less to zero maintenance to retain its looks.

Noddy Childrens Pedal Car

From: The Outdoor Toy Company

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