Nurture Your Child’s Talent with A World Champion Pianist

Every child has a unique God given talent. Whatever his exceptional gift is-dancing, writing, acting, arts, singing or playing an instrument- it is best to nurture it well.


With music, some kids have the exceptional ability with pitch and reading. Others have a gift of listening and can play exactly what they hear, instantly. Whatever talent or special ability in music your child has, RED Talent Studio in Makati City, in partnership with World Champion Pianist & International Recording Artist Angelo Ortiz, will develop it to its full potential through a private (one on one) instruction format.

Angelo’s approach includes all the necessary fundamentals to be a properly trained and well-rounded pianist. Whether your child’s dream is to be a classical pianist or just simply play the piano as a hobby, he/she will be trained with a method that has been the discipline of concert pianists worldwide, accompanied by a comprehensive approach including the special learning and playing techniques from a World Champion.

Angelo’s teaching method is designed from the student’s learning capacity and ability to play the piano. He carefully evaluates the child’s talent and special needs in order to design a teaching method that is fit to the personality and interest of the child. The curriculum includes basic studies such as sight-reading, ear-training, solfege, music theory and composition. Your child will learn all the necessary information including the basic and advance techniques of Angelo to help your child read, understand and express music effectively.

Angelo Ortiz will start holding personalized classes for beginners and advanced students including children with special needs this July 2012 at Red Talent Studio in 7E, Tuscan Bldg., VA Rufino St. Legaspi Village. Makati City. For inquiries and reservations, please call 5533675, 09153755333 or email RED Talent Studio also offers voice, acting, guitar and dance lessons. Please visit and or


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