Online Sites for Home Improvement

Building your dream home?

Want to renovate your current house?

Or do you simply want to redecorate any of your rooms?

Do it online! I find it a lot of fun and really helpful to be able to use the different applications online that help me in creating my “dream home”. My family can help out by giving me their preferences too. Plus, these online resources are mostly FREE!


Houzz is my current favorite. It’s not just available online but they also have apps you can download to your iPhone or iPad. I love how I can view the different styles and designs available, and how I can find inspiration through those pictures. You can’t create your own here, nor does it allow you to specify the Pipes you want as this site is mostly for finding inspiration for your new home.

Floorplanner is a very good site. This is mainly due to the convenience of being able to make my own floor plans, without having to consult an architect and pay hefty fees for a house that I am not yet purchasing any time soon. This serves home sellers very well, too. You can recreate the house you’re selling and give your potential buyers not just pictures but an overall view of the layout of the house. This doesn’t include CPVC Pipe layouts, but it serves the purpose really well.

Arrange a Room is also a cool site. What I love about it is that it’s very simple and easy to use. You can design the different rooms of your house without going through a lot of complicated instructions. Only cons are that the options for furniture and accessories are very limited, so sorry, CIS is not an included option as well. This site is perfect for minor interior redesigning.

There you go! How about you? What other online sites do you turn to for your dream house or interior decorating ideas?


  1. Sherry says

    I have interest to change my room style I have rooms to change style

  2. wow it is so awesome

  3. then sherry should try this^^

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