Open Spring Matresses

Mattresses have come a long way since the days where we would stuff a sack with hay and flatten it out ready for a very itchy and uncomfortable night’s sleep. These days we have many mattress types to choose from. We have memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, pocket spring mattresses and open spring mattresses.

The most common of these on the market are the open spring mattresses. They are made up of coil springs that are all connected. This then enables the mattress to move with your body and help create ultimate comfort.

Open spring mattresses, or open coil, tend to come in three different grades of firmness: soft, medium, and hard. Technically these are termed as 13.5 gauge for soft, 13.0 gauge for medium, and 12.5 gauge for hard. It is totally dependant on your body what type of mattress you will need. Some people crave really soft ones where as others can only sleep if they have the hardest mattress on the market.

Open coil mattresses are perhaps ideal for those that sleep on their own in their bed, or for a couple that are even in weight. If you are perhaps a lot smaller than your partner and you have an open coil mattress you will find that you will rock from side to side when they do. In this case open coil mattresses are perhaps not your best option.

However, at open coil mattresses are your budget option. With a wide range of open coil mattresses from king sized to single sized you will soon find the right one for you. More often than not you will even find a bed frame to go with your mattress that is equally good value for money and will leave you with a few spare pennies in your pocket.

Keep an open mind when it comes to open spring mattresses, they are a good option and can be extremely comfortable.

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  1. OSeñorita says

    Thanks for the info. Really helpful in buying the right type of spring matress.

  2. A bed from the adjustable bed factory is also a very comfy bed. I agree mattress technology has come along a long way.

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