How to Grow Health Foods in Your Kitchen

With a simple container garden you can grow protein-rich and vitamin-packed salad vegetables on a kitchen shelf–or even inside a drawer. Forget about soil for this type of gardening. All you need is a clean waterproof container, water and seed. Then … [Continue reading]

How to Prepare Savory Mince

Speaking of meat, why not bring smile into your cooking. Think of the appreciation you will get when you serve savory mince. This good-tasting, economical savory mince is great for lunch, dinner or a snack. Serve it with vegetables or pile it on a … [Continue reading]

4 Myths about Meat

Attention Homemakers: Be wise when buying meat to prevent food-borne illness in your household and to get the most out of your hard-earned pesos. Here are the most common misconceptions about meats, and the facts behind the fiction. Myth 1: The … [Continue reading]

How to Grow Your Own Sprouts

Beans and peas sold for growing should not be used as sprouts or for cooking unless you are sure that they have not been treated with insecticides or fungicides, which is often the case when stocks are intended only for sowing. Growing your own … [Continue reading]

Family Times

Growing up, I hardly see or spend time my father at home. He was always out working. He was a tricycle driver so he had to really work hard so that we could have food on our table. I wish we had more family times together during those times. And now … [Continue reading]

Wordless wednesday: Family Trip at Villa Escudero

[Continue reading]

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