No quarrel on vacation!

You have a whole summer for you, the blue sea and your Diane von Furstenberg bathing suit. You're more than happy, you are enitrely excited. But your boyfriend has a different opinion! It's too hot,he does not find anything, service is hateful ... … [Continue reading]

How to say “I’m sorry” in a relationship?

You had a serious argument with your boyfriend and now you do not know how to say "I'm sorry" ? You could solve the problem even after you have ended the quarrel, but neither had the feel to do it. Now you are in an uncomfortable situation and not … [Continue reading]

Six ways to escape the routine

Children, bills, stress ... only a few words that could describe a marriage! Or at least marriage as he is understood. Try to escape the routine and the monotony of a relationship using some new tricks successfully tested by us. Even if they seem … [Continue reading]

Superstitious Beliefs on Certain Foods

Countless of superstitious beliefs associated with food can be heard and seen around the world. From bread to fish to dairy products to meat, almost every food has an attached tale of practices resulting from fear of the unknown, or trust in magic or … [Continue reading]

How to Grow Health Foods in Your Kitchen

With a simple container garden you can grow protein-rich and vitamin-packed salad vegetables on a kitchen shelf–or even inside a drawer. Forget about soil for this type of gardening. All you need is a clean waterproof container, water and seed. Then … [Continue reading]

How to Prepare Savory Mince

Speaking of meat, why not bring smile into your cooking. Think of the appreciation you will get when you serve savory mince. This good-tasting, economical savory mince is great for lunch, dinner or a snack. Serve it with vegetables or pile it on a … [Continue reading]

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