Inexpensive and Easy Way to “Catch” Mosquitoes

We have many kinds of oils. But what is to be used to “catch” mosquitoes is found in the kitchen. It’s the used oil that is to be placed on a semi-flat plastic plate (the unbreakable type). Spread the used oil exactly on the plate, and, with one … [Continue reading]

MM: I’m Yours

Oh my gosh this kid is so adorable! You should watch this. … [Continue reading]

WW: Orange Flower

This flower instantly brightened up my day, I hope you have a nice day! … [Continue reading]

Carpet Care Tips

Have you noticed that your carpets at home become too loaded with dirt and mites during summer? It’s better to remove them during this season before your family gets sick because of them. However, if they are installed permanently, as in … [Continue reading]

11 Beauty Tips for Newly-Wed Wives

New brides face the danger of the sloppy -housewife syndrome when their honeymoon ends, says a leading psychiatrist. "The wedding day is the most exciting day in a woman's life," he explains. "On that day she is the star, she is perfection, but then … [Continue reading]

Kitchen Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

The dishes need doing, the laundry is spilling up, diapers need changing, that refrigerator part needs to be ordered from Part Select , and the children need to be fed.You also have to do your "general cleaning." But how are you to cope and not lose … [Continue reading]

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