Personal Injuries are Serious:  You Need an Attorney that Cares about your Family’s Bottom Line

Personal Injuries are Serious:  You Need an Attorney that Cares about your Family’s Bottom Line


When you get hurt because of someone else’s negligence, you might already appreciate the importance of having an attorney on your side. However, not all attorneys are created the same. With more than a million attorneys in the United States, you need to make sure that you choose an attorney that puts your family first.


Past results


One way to gauge whether your attorney is willing to fight for your bottom line is by looking at their past results. Your attorney should be able to tell you about cases that they’ve worked on that are similar to yours. They should be able to tell you what happened in those cases and what they learned that they can apply to your case. If they’ve gotten the job done in the past, they’re more likely to apply that success to you and to maximizing the result in your case.


They should know the law and apply it to your case


When you’re looking for award-winning personal injury attorneys, it’s okay to conduct what amounts to a job interview. That means asking the attorney what state laws apply to your case. Your attorney should speak with knowledge about the law. They should be able to identify and explain any stumbling blocks that might come up in the case and what you can do to respond if they occur.


You should be a partner


When you’re choosing an attorney, you’re choosing someone to fight for you. It’s important that this person involves you in the process. They should see you as a partner and teammate. Your attorney should be working with you as well as for you. That means taking the time to explain how each step in the case occurs and what you need to do in order to do your part to maximize your compensation.


In your meeting, your attorney should talk you through the process of filing a case. They should explain filing a summons and complaint and serving it on the other party. You should learn about how you might need to meet with medical experts and answer questions about your injuries. Your attorney should explain how they build your case using depositions, subpoenas and expert witnesses. This process of gathering and building evidence can actually encourage the other side to offer you a fair settlement amount, because they realize that you have a strong case.


They should be enthusiastic


Ultimately, an attorney that’s going to fight for your bottom line is going to be enthusiastic. They should have a real passion for what they do and for meeting new clients to fight for justice on their behalf. You should get the impression that they’re looking forward to working on your case.


How can an attorney help?


You might wonder how an attorney can help you get results in your case. At each stage, your attorney can help you prepare and execute a strategy that maximizes your ultimate recovery. This might mean helping you seek appropriate medical treatment in order to document your injuries. It might mean making sure that you ask for every type of damages that you might deserve in your initial court filings. Your attorney can give you guidance about whether you should go to trial or accept a settlement offer in your case.


If you’re hurt in an accident, the attorney you choose matters. The right attorney should care about you, your family and your bottom line. They should show it with their knowledge of the law and their enthusiasm to work on your case. Ultimately, this enthusiasm can make all the difference as you work to get every dollar that you deserve.

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