Picking Flowers: The Best Blooms for the Season

Flowers are used in a variety of ways. Their beauty and fragrance makes them perfect for decorating and gifting. People who have green thumbs and ample space in their homes choose to grow their own flowers in pots or in plots in their gardens. Those who are not blessed with gardening skills can still enjoy the blooms of the season by going to the local florist and picking out flower arrangements to suit their purpose.

Flowers that are in season are your best choices for availability, cost, and convenience. Your local florist would surely have a selection of beautiful blooms already arranged for you. If you want to give your blooms your own personal touch, you can simply pick out stems of your choice of flowers and some foliage so you can arrange a bouquet yourself.

In bloom this summer are sunflowers and gladiolus. These two flowers join other brightly colored and fragrant blooms of peonies, daisies, hydrangeas, and sweet peas in sunshiny summer bouquets for every home. The best thing about choosing these summer flowers is that you can set out anytime and have them available at your florist. Since they are in abundance, these summer flowers will also be cheaper and more affordable.

Picking ready-made bouquets for your home decor is convenient enough with the online catalogs of most modern florists today – you can still walk into flowers shops to pick out your blooms yourself if you want to. For those extra-special occasions when you want something that’s not “off-the-rack,” you there are professional florists who can design bouquets especially for you. Your budget, any flower preferences you might have, your color and style choices, as well as the occasion you want to use your bouquet for are information that your florist needs to come up with a customized flower arrangement for you.


  1. I wish I could get anything decent to grow out here in the desert! Surprisingly roses do AMAZING! It is a huge chore to try to keep anything watered though.

  2. I love flowers but I do not have a green thumb at all. I kill everything!

  3. I can’t door indoor plants, i always forget to water them, but i have a great flower bed outside!

  4. I think flowers are beautiful and so fragrant, but unfortunately I was left out of the “green thumb” department.

  5. Sadly, we’ve tried growing a rose bush but the dogs always find a way to ruin it. I love fresh flowers; one of natures way of making your home light up.

  6. Lindsey says

    Everything I plant my son just plucks right out of the ground or the gopher that lives in the woods comes and eats it. (There really is a gopher, I’m not making that up.)

  7. Lovely pink flower

  8. md kennedy says

    My favorite flowers are actual wildflowers. From April through October I have beautiful and different ones in my country neighborhood, and every day on my walk I pick a little nosegay for my husband.

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