Platypus Australia Children’s Swimwear Review

 photo platypuslogo_zpsaa2f5dec.jpgSummer is coming and we are very excited! We plan to do a lot of activities this year because it’s a good age to expose Sean to new things. He loves seeing new places and experiencing new things. It’s such a delight to see his excitement whenever we go to somewhere new – especially if it has water in it! He is totally crazy about water. I hope that he becomes a good swimmer unlike his mom :P.

Sean is fortunate enough to be able to review a complete set of swimwear from Platypus Australia. Platypus Australia is a swimwear company that offers high quality and fashionable UV Protective Swimwear, Girl’s and Boy’s Rash Guards, Kids’ bathing suits and Sun Protective Swimwear, including matching Beachwear and Rash Shirts, also know as Rashies, Sun Shirts, Swim Shirts and UV Shirts. They have products from  sizes 00-14 years  Their outfits have a UV protection rating of 50+ which is perfect at protecting babies delicate skin. All their swimwear offers maximum sun protection blocking out 97.5% of harmful ultraviolet radiation.

We received a Rashguard , Boardshorts and a Hat from the Hibiscus Line.

 photo Platypus_zps49fde772.jpg

My baby is only 2 but I opted to get the size 4 because kids grow so fast so I decided that it’s better to have a size that’s a little bit bigger .

We decided to try it out today and you can see he’s enjoying playing wearing his new swimwear : photo platypuscollage_zps3c0dbff6.jpg

 photo platypus5_zpsea558b97.jpg

Verdict: Happy Home and Family highly recommends Platypus Australia Swimwear.

If you are in the market for new swimwear, visit Platypus Australia on their website to view these wonderful collections.

And make sure to follow them on facebook to know about their latest promos.


  1. Sandy VanHoey says

    I like the girls Style: PK66ES-13 – Kids Empire Swimsuit

  2. He looks so cute! I love that the outfit has UV protection in itself. I’m sure he’ll have a blast this summer!!!

  3. Kristy Franks says

    I Love That These Swim Suits Are Uv Protected And it Is Keeping Our Children Safe While They Have Fun Playing And Swimming Out In The Sun I love That It Comes With Rash Guards And The Hat The Shirt And The Shorts I Would Love This For My Boys. This Is A Great Review Of Platypus Thank You So Much

  4. Those clothes sure cover him up and he is a doll! Quite the model. It is nice to know that they are protected from the sun.

  5. Immaculate Copeland says

    I love these! They are so cute.

  6. Kali Hees says

    I think these are adorable and well made!

  7. shannon b says

    I have been looking for super cute rash guards for my daughter. Thanks for sharing this company with us!

  8. Leslie G says

    Love the Graphic Hibiscus.

  9. Sandra Dupal says

    Love the pictures and nice to know the product is worth every penny. Thank you.

  10. such cute swimwear! i love it!

  11. Heidi C. says

    Love this swimwear! Such bright colours and like the UV protection!

  12. Susan Johnson says

    Australians know their sun protection, so I would venture to guess that any products from them would be good quality and effective against the sun’s harmful rays.

  13. Katrina A. says

    We live by the beach and I would feel so safe knowing my son had on UV Protective Swimwear. Plus the swimwear is soooo cute!

  14. Lovely Joy Merced says

    Wow complete outfit and those pieces are cool! Looks good on your son <3

  15. krista grandstaff says

    These are adorable…and I love the idea of a kiddo being able to get some sun protection, as well as look sweet too 🙂

  16. Karen English says

    This would be great for my grandsons…they have fair skin anyway and we just moved to the Gulf coast last summer. Being so close to the beach these would be very worthwhile investments.

  17. I love that the outfit has such great sun protection!

  18. very stylish love it

  19. nancy chartrand says

    this is an awesome giveaway ty

  20. lori Simas says

    Being a nurse I realize the importance of the UV protection, these suits are awesome!

  21. christi-TX says

    The UV protection is outstanding, it is so good to know a company is tackling this issue.

  22. Those look like really nice suits. I too, like to buy some of my kids clothes a size or two bigger if I can get away with it. It is a shame they grow so fast and burn through the outfits ,espacially seasonal items.

  23. Jessica Harrison says

    I’d love some of this swimwear for my daughter! We moved to Florida last spring and we go to the beach as often as possible. I always worry about getting enough sunscreen on her. Swimwear like this would help put my mind at ease.

  24. Nicole Becker says

    The fact that this swimwear is UV Protected is a HUGE plus for me!! Anything to protect my child from those harmful rays of sun. Awesome company you have!!

  25. Cute baby Sean 🙂 He’s enjoying so much ^^ Nice Suit 🙂 Summer time!

  26. Nice swimwear! ? it!

  27. How adorable is that! Love the skull n the back lol

  28. Heather Weisenfels says

    These are SOOO cute, and looks like a great way to protect our little water bugs.

  29. You know, I am always looking for cute swimwear for boys and all I find is cute stuff for the girls! I only have a boy! This company actually has cute swimwear for boys so YAY! Thanks for reviewing it!

  30. Sandy VanHoey says

    Both cute and stylish

  31. This is a nice giveaway! Perfect for the summer outings! Hope to win!!!

  32. Elaine Jasvins says

    Love the swim wear!

  33. Carrie Phelps says

    50+ protection is perfect for a busy sweating child on the beach. I love this line of beach clothing.

  34. sandra davis says

    looks great. every kid should have UV protection

  35. Their suits are so cute…

  36. Sacha Schroeder says

    This would be awesome for my fair red headed daughter! UV protection is awesome!

  37. jennifer mitchell says

    Love the UV protection and these are super cute and have for all ages is asweseom

  38. Adorable! Looks like tons of fun!

  39. Samantha Christensen says

    I really enjoyed this review it was great! Thanks so much will be checking these out for sure!

  40. Andrea Smith says

    These suits are adorable.

  41. I love the bright colors and that they have uv protectant in them.

  42. He is so cute! I’d love to get a swimsuit for my daughter from them. Can’t beat extra UV protection!

  43. april yedinak says

    I think these are so cute and I love the extra sun protection the clothes give.

  44. Kathy Lane says

    I love these swimsuits.They would so nice for my grandson and my youngest grandaughter for trips to water theme parks like Dollywood.

  45. natasha severson says

    they are super cute, made to be durable.. and love that they’re sunprotected 🙂

  46. what a great idea and so cute

  47. christina flynn says

    How cute are these suits?! Great protection from the sun! Just what my grandchildren need for this summer!

  48. Christine Anderson says

    He is cute! I love that the suits have uv protection!

  49. D Sunday says

    these are awesome and great for hiking up at the Gorges in Watkins Glen where the water falls over the trail

  50. Darian Long says

    These seem like great products. Definitely want to try them out for my little guy this summer.

  51. They are so cute and practical!!

  52. I love that they even had a zip up shirt and a one piece zip suit, very cute and functional. I could definitely use this for my daughter this summer!

  53. He is adorable in his Platypus Swimwear!!!!

  54. James Weaver says

    My Grandson would love the Sonic Wave Boardshorts

  55. I LOVE Platypus – their stuff is so well-made!

  56. natalie nichols says

    How cute! I love the colors

  57. My brother and SIL just put in a pool at their house, so my niece could really use a swimsuit from Platypus!

  58. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love that they have both regular bathing suits and rash guards that match!

  59. Janet W. says

    Adorable swimsuit! Great protection and so stylish!

  60. How cute. Sounds like a great product.

  61. Lori Thomas says

    Cute outfits

  62. your tot sure looks like he was thoroughly enjoying his new summer get up! 😉

  63. Viv Sluys says

    I love this swimwear. It is great because it is comfy for the kids and it is something they can spend the entire day in. We spend all summer outside so they need good sun protection clothing

  64. These look so cute!!

  65. Darlene Jones-Nelson says

    Helping my little ones keep safe from uv rays is a great way to help them from getting skin cancer which does run in the family.

  66. ashley curtiss says

    i just love these they seem great and would love to try these

  67. debbie wilson says

    cute swim wear

  68. Melissa Smith says

    I love the bright colors! & he looks so comfy while playing in the water. Definitely a HUGE plus!

  69. candessphillips says

    I would like to win kids sunsets ss boys sonic waves

  70. amber whitehead says

    So cute I love that they have UV protection and that’s the style I just picked out. Love the colors.

  71. I’d feel confident knowing my kids’ skin was protected in these swimsuits. And they are also very fashionable!

  72. Crystal Jo says

    This swimwear looks amazing. I love the benefit of sun protection in styles that my kid wouldn’t be embarassed to wear.

  73. Amanda Williams says

    I love the pics!! I also like that you bought a couple sizes bigger. I always do that also for my 11 year old. He is already 5ft9inches and steady growing so I never know what size he will be in which season. Thank you for the review!!

  74. They have some really cute suits…how could I pick just one?

  75. Loving the Youth Singlet Kini

  76. Dora J Crow says

    The Platypus sun protection swimwear is really cute on your little boy. I really like the cute little skull n crossbones on the back, my nephew is PIRATE CRAZY!! The suits that have SPF are great, my sister used to have one for herself, they really do help. Thanks for the great pix and review.

  77. Rebecca DeCamp Bryant says

    What a super product you reviewed for us. Things have come so far since I raised my children. Should I be lucky enough to win, I will give this to my granddaughter. They have an in-ground pool and she spends about eight hours a day in it. This would sure make me feel like she was much safer. Thanks!!!!

  78. Vicky Allan says

    Stylish and protective can’t beat that.

  79. renee walters says

    These seem like great products. I would love to get something for my son!

  80. Jessica Lodge says

    What a great product. Not just for swimwear but also just for being in the backyard playing when it’s sunny out.

  81. angela reed says

    I would love to have one for my daughter. It covers a good amount of her skin, and she is more protected. Sounds like a winner to me. I lke the boys suits too> They are appropriate length.

  82. angela reed says

    The uv protection I think is best. All around you gave a great description of the suits. Im convinced that my daughter has got to have this suit.

  83. adina post says

    I love these, and the pic of your little boy in the steel bucket is adorable

  84. Michelle Smith says

    Great review! I love the hibiscus set he is wearing. And what great fun it looks like he’s having splashing around in that bucket! I have to remember that for when the snow finally melts away here! I know my son would love splashing around in a boy size “pool” too!

  85. Addison Kat says

    I love the colors and he looks very comfortable in them. And I like that they have a variety of sizes for all kids!

  86. Katrina B. says

    Super Cute!

  87. Mommy Liza says

    that is a gorgeous swimwear for your son, I want 2 pairs for my girls too 🙂

  88. Kathleen Kellams says

    Seems like an awesome product. How did it hold up to being washed for the first time?

  89. Lori Beaney Tobin says

    I love the colors and the products seem well made!

  90. peggy fedison says

    OMG that outfit you did a review on is absolutely adorable. My grandson was just born Jan 11, 2013 and would be 6 months old by July. Would love that for him for the summer!!!

  91. jody cowan says

    What a great idea! I love these. Protection from the sun is so important.

  92. keep them safe from uv rays

  93. Trillina Palemi says

    oh that nice 🙂

  94. Nan Bixby says

    I love the idea of the UV protection

  95. Great review never heard of them before I will have to get my daughter a swimsuit.

  96. Lyndi Malarchuk says

    These would be perfect for my kids to wear at summer camp, where they are responsible for their sunblock application (or lack thereof!).

  97. My grands need these

  98. Richard W says

    Great sun protection!

  99. clarissa says

    sun protection for our little ones is so important. I love how they make it stylish and adorable!

  100. Very cute swimwear

  101. Leanna Morris says

    How cute….would love these for my grandkids!

  102. Ruth chu says

    these products look great i think my boys would look so cute in these

  103. wendie Lowe says

    i think its awesome that they are maing swimwear that has uv protection. cute stuff for boys and girls.

  104. Thanks for the great review! This is the set I was eyeing for my almost 2 year old! 🙂

  105. Cindy B. says

    I think this is absolutely amazing that swimwear can have UV protection I so want this for all my kiddies!!

  106. Laurie B says

    Great products! I love how it helps with uv protection and their adorable styles and designs!

  107. Kara Marks says

    I would love these for my little grandson!

  108. ne-knopka says

    look great !

  109. These are so nice! I love that I won’t have to worry about my son in these! I will know that he is well protected.

  110. Brenda Parker says

    Great looking products and styles with the protection of uv how great!

  111. Jennifer Bois says

    My kids are sensitive to sunlight, like I am, so these would be perfect.

  112. Angela Quinn says

    These have become so important in our family because of my daughter’s injuries. Thank you for providing these!

  113. Margaret M says

    The UV protection is so important with the young vulnerable skin–as it is for all of us.

  114. Erika Fultz says

    This gear sounds like the perfect thing to protect my son’s fair skin from the strong summer sun here in Nebraska! Sean looks super cute!!

  115. Kristin H says

    The suits with uv protection and their adorable styles and designs are great!

  116. Felisa Mark says

    I love that my daughter is protected from the sun and the suits are so adorable

  117. Love swimsuits like this because we spend all day in the swimming pool and sun out here in Vegas! It’s so important to have a quality swimsuit with UV protection!

  118. IRENE CYPHER says

    I love the look of this swimwear and that it offers uv protection.

  119. Sandi Tymchuk says

    Wonderful, practical and attractive kids’ swimwear!

  120. i love the boardshorts and sunshirts. they are modest for a tween girl and i think that’s important

  121. sharon winne says

    Great review! living in the south sun protection is very important for us. It’s great the uv protection these suits have, and they are adorable.

  122. This is cute swim wear, exactly what my son likes. SUMMER IS COMING SO HE NEED A NEW ONE. I hope to win here.

  123. Lisa James says

    My son still have light baby skin so these shirts and shorts are a must have!

  124. Judy Lipcsak says

    These swimsuits are really cute and I like that both the boy’s and girl’s suits have SPF rated tops.

  125. Being a boater a important to keep them covered up in and having two young children it is very important to keep them covered and these make that easy and fun. I use this stuff with my boys all summer and it keeps their sensitive skin safe from the sun 🙂

  126. Love

  127. 1955nurse says

    I love that these suits give little ones extra protection from the sun – both my Grandkids are very fair, so they need all the protection they can get!!! Thanks for the cinfo….

  128. Michelle Feliciano says

    love the patterns

  129. traci mcmahon says

    looks very cute

  130. Patty S. says

    Great products protecting kids from skin cancer early!

  131. Great thing, these shirts are. We went to the lake and even though I was applying sunblock often, my son still got 2nd degree burns from the sun. He is so sensitive so these shirts are great from protecting the kids like him.

  132. Love the prints, every item is adorable! Great review.

  133. Alessandra Pedone says


  134. These are so great by allowing the kids to be outside safely.

  135. I love these swimsuits! My granddaughter needs one!

  136. Tara Gauthier says

    I love having UV protection for my kids when they are outside so these are great!

  137. Suits are adorable. Cannot beat the sun protection

  138. this is great!!!! my kid loves the water.. perfect for him…

  139. These look so wonderful and would be great for the beach!

  140. Great idea! Do they make these for big people. I have a friend who sun-sensitive!

  141. Karen McMahon says

    This blog is very informative, the items seem very useful.

  142. I like that there is UV protection without all the chemicals on their skin!

  143. Renee Travis says

    These are so adorable for the boys and the girls. Great protection from the sun. I have 5 grand kids, so I would love to win. Thanks! 🙂

  144. These clothes are not only adorable, but would make me feel good as well, knowing she is wearing sun protective clothing!

  145. Jayme Hennessy says

    My friend got me hooked on these swim outfits for my son. I never thought about the effects of the sun on his back because he would swim with just his trunks on. Now he wears the shirt with his trunks for all outdoor things.

  146. Vivian Sun says

    I love that there is UV protection.. It is especially important for an infant!

  147. Carol Gutowski says

    What a cute outfit. and a WONDERFUL idea. we must teach our kids how important it is to protect their skin at all times. GREAT IDEA and styles..

  148. Great review and great outfit for kids!


  149. Janet Benthin says

    I love the UV protection…thats the most important factor to me in swimware for children

  150. What a cutie! He looks comfy in his new swimwear :). Though we aren’t close to any beaches we always have at least a little wading pool in the summer plus family’s pools and public venues we visit to keep cool in the summer heat. Though the the more strappy styles of swimwear are cute they are not practical for protecting a child’s delicate skin. I appreciate very much that the fabric used for these is UPF 50+! That would be great for protecting the shoulders and back that otherwise don’t see much sun and would scorch quickly.

  151. Candy McDonald says

    Love the stylish sunprotection

  152. that it so cute and glad to know I am not the only Mom that still orders up in size

  153. Their swimwear looks like what we have been looking for! Thanks for sharing!

  154. Brenda White Myers says

    I love the fact that this swim wear looks like it’s a real quality proudct.

  155. Like the uv protection

  156. Son of a Preacherman 23 says

    I love all the UV protection these swimwear pieces give!1

  157. Mary Ann Knox says

    I love the SPF protection of the fabric on all of their products. I love the girls two piece tankini! It is super adorable!

  158. Brianne Rushing says

    So stinkin’ cute!!

  159. I love these for my son!

  160. he seem ot like the out fit and haveing fun wow

  161. jennifer bowyer says

    thank you for sharing. it is great to know that other moms understand how fast a toddler can grow and know its best to order up in size. The colors are awesome and your little man so adorable and looks like he is having a blast. Would love to get this outfit for my little one.

  162. Gloria Washington says

    I really like the style of swimsuit, the design and the colors I love, but what I like is that it has UV protection, it is never too early to start demasido protect our children’s skin.

  163. Sherryl Jones says

    I love the SPF protection of the fabric on all of their products. I love the girls two piece tankini!

  164. Carol Marr says

    I am so happy that it has UV protection

  165. Okay I thought I liked the sonic wave pattern better….but after seeing the pictures of your little on in the others pattern..I may have changed my mind! So adorable. My little one is very very VERY fair complected just like me! We could really use this swimwear! Thanks

  166. This review came at the perfect time, we are going to the beach with our daughter who will only be a little over a year at the time, this company is on my beach shopping list for her. Thank you 🙂

  167. aurora minuto says

    sono bellissimi!

  168. Sherry Compton says

    Too cute and so happy in his swimwear! My grand kids live in Florida and can always use some protective swimwear. This looks great!

  169. Ashley Parks says

    Such a cute swimwear set! You are smart for ordering bigger sizes! I always have to get at least 1 size larger for my daughter, so that the rash guard “neck” goes over her head easily.. she panics when clothes do not go over her head very easily.

  170. Florinda says

    So cute! *.*

  171. Francesca Loveredhair says

    Like the uv protection =)

  172. Dianna Thomas says

    your little guy looks like he is really having a great time– I like the way the swim wear fits– not a baggy bottom like you get with some swimwear–great review–and the color choices are great

  173. Clarinda P. Santiago says

    It’s the first time I’ve read about a UV protective swim wear! very nice for kids this summer! Mom’s need not worry if they stay long on the beach.

  174. lauren parvis says

    I like this product because it looks comfy but also protects at the same time

  175. April Harper says

    I never knew their was such a product till now, awesome idea and nice designs.

  176. jessica hager says

    My family and I are going to the beach this summer and it’s my two year old daughter’s first time going and I’m so worried about the sun and her getting burnt so this would be perfect for us.

  177. Courtney Cox says

    that’s SO awesome that it has UV protection, i’m finding that not a whole lot of swimwear has that as an option anymore, i thought i used to see it “built in” as a default? definitely going to be keeping an eye on this brand thanks for putting them out there!

  178. angela montgomery says

    Love these items.

  179. karen benson says

    These are awesome for children who love to play outside all day. Great protection.

  180. I love these products! I am always concerned about my daughter getting too much sun when we’re at the beach or pool.

  181. Heather Amon says

    How cute my daughter would just love one of these and what a plus to be protected from UV with it.

  182. Love these suits!

  183. Heather McKenzie Carter says

    For the past few years we have been investing in rashguards to protect our 4 boys sensitive skin from the sun. I think their designs are adorable. Glad your son enjoyed the set. I’m sure mine will enjoy theirs too

  184. Miranda Gonzalez says

    I really like that they have such a high UV rating!

  185. Deborah Mireles says

    I like the idea of my grandaughter being protected from harmful uv’s plus these are really cute!

  186. Lori Lopez says

    I really like your product my favorite is Style: PK64T-13 – Kids Tankini w Frill

  187. carol lewis says

    He looks adorable in that! The color is great for him and love the stylishness.

  188. Jennifer sheldon says

    I love the added UV protection.

  189. cassandra says

    How adorable! And the swimwear looks both stylish and comfortable 🙂 !

  190. sooo cute!!

  191. elissa boone says

    Kids Slim Boardshort

  192. Odelia C says

    What great swimwear! My kids are in the pool everyday and they would be perfect.

  193. Kristin Gilbert says

    I love that the swimwear is so stylish and gives great sun protection at the same time.

  194. Lily Kwan says

    Platypus Australia children’s swimwear looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  195. This looks so so cute! I’ve never seen UV protection swimsuits for kids. My little nephew in Melbourne should benefit from this.


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