Playground Injuries Every Mommy Should Be Ready For

Active kids should not be restrained. Active play is necessary for the physical development of children. Whether out in the playground or right in your backyard, accidents can happen while your child is at play. As mommies, we should not be the first ones to get hysterical and panicky when our children get hurt while playing outdoors. Together with our balm of hugs and kisses, we have to be ready with our first aid kits to treat the two most common playground injuries:

  1. Scrapes – cuts and scratches can come from falling off the bike, tripping and sliding while playing tag, or hurtling in the bushes among others. The best way to treat these scrapes is to wash it immediately under running water to wash away dirt particles and blood. If the bleeding continues, use a clean cloth or bandage and put pressure on the scrape for a few minutes. Once the scrape is clean of blood and dirt, pat it dry and apply an antiseptic. Cover a raw scrape with a patch of bandage until it is well and dry.
  2. Sprains – twisting an ankle while playing a game of kickball or on a bad landing after jumping off the monkey bar can cause your little one to grimace and limp with pain. Inspect the sprain to get an idea of how severe it is. Minor sprains can be treated by elevating the limb and applying cold compress until the swelling subsides. Sprains that are unbearably painful for the child should warrant a trip to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.

Though we would want to shelter our children to avoid these minor accidents, we really should let them enjoy their childhood – scrapes and all.



  1. should be aware of it

  2. Sherry says

    This is important I need to take note

  3. I always get worried when my nephew falls down. He always falls and get scrapes.

  4. @LOURDES you are not alone my son is clumsy always fall

  5. careful

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