Polar Bear Cooler 24 Pack Review

Polar Bear

My favorite time of the year is summer! It’s still several months away from summer but if you’re a mom like me, you should already be planning for it as early as now to ensure that the entire family will have fun in all your summer getaways. I’ve already started searching for resorts and hotels for accommodations and scheduling trips and tours to make sure that we have the perfect balance of adventure, discovery, and relaxation. I’ve also started to purchase our travel gear to avoid last-minute runs to the mall.

One of the travel essentials that I have on hand already is the Polar Bear 24 Pack Cooler. I find coolers a necessity when travelling with my child whose thirst has to be quenched immediately lest he become fussy during the trip. Husband and I would do well also with cold drinks on hot summer days. And cold will our drinks surely stay ‘cause Polar Bear effectively keeps the contents cool that it can keep ice for at least 24 hours in our tropical summer heat!


Made with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, Polar Bear coolers are very durable. Made of luggage grade 1000 denier nylon, the outer shell is definitely heavy-duty and can withstand the test of time. Within the outer shell is a specialized open cell foam air trap design that ensures temperature is kept constant inside the bag and a Dura-Temp liner that makes the bag leak and sweat proof. Padded shoulder straps allow you to sling it over your shoulders so you can have both hands free when on the move. Measuring 10”x18”x12”, it’s still handy enough to lug around on tours.

Polar Bear doesn’t only keep your food and drinks cold; it can also be used to keep food hot for hours. For the perfect summer picnics, two Polar Bear coolers are a must – one for your cold drinks and desserts and the other to keep your food warm.

If you are like me already planning your summer, check out Polar bear for your cooler needs. Follow them on Facebook


  1. That cooler is perfect! It looks huge, and I love that the little ones can carry it easy too. Make them carry it Lol.

  2. Melissa Smith says

    That is exactly what I need for our zoo trip we have planned this summer! Best part, it doesn’t look awkward to haul around.

  3. zahara anwer says

    This is soo cool, like everyone says this is exactly what i needed for our family trip! It looks absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you very much for this !!!.:)

  4. I like that it’s not bulky like other types of coolers.

  5. Christina Stimson says

    I love this cooler! I like that it is not hard so it can fit into spaces other coolers might not.

  6. Wow, I was primarily over here to leave a comment as directed by the giveaway but I have been looking for a really good cooler for breastmilk for a few months now. Thank you!

  7. margaret (peg)m says

    everyone can use a ‘polar bear cooler’ whether they tailgate, travel, one-day trips or have little ones, its size and quality is great.

  8. OMG great cooler and oh too cute. lol. thanks

  9. This looks like an awesome cooler. I could use one of these in the summer time. This would be perfect for long road trips or a day at the beach! 🙂

  10. Looks perfect for our getaways any time of year I’m always thristy for a cold drink.

  11. Could use this, thanks.

  12. This would be an awesome bag to bring camping 🙂

  13. Donald Poole says

    I like the fact that the cooler is made of luggage grade 1000 denier nylon. This is sturdy enough to handle the constant scraping on the ground that a cooler always is subjected to.

  14. wow.. i love the bag.. your daughter is very cute wearing that kind of bag 😛

  15. What a great looking cooler! I think that would come in handy while travelling.

  16. Rich Hicks says

    Thisis very nice and would like to have one. Built very well too.

  17. genefaith says

    that’s one cool cooler bag! Di halatang cooler bag pala.I can bring bring more than one cooler whenever we’ll be on travel or going to beach!

  18. Oh this looks like it would be great for long trips to!

  19. That is a big cooler! This would be perfect for my family especially during the summer time! Thanks for sharing your review!

  20. Wow that is HUGE!~ Perfect to tail gate with or bring out next time you have an outdoors outting! I need one of these!

  21. natalie nichols says

    I love it!! It looks like a really big cooler!

  22. Angela Moxley says

    Little girl big cooler lol

  23. deana dietrich says

    This would be a GREAT addition to our day & overnight trips!

  24. love the size of the bag! will be great for picnics in the park!

  25. Jessica Jackson says

    I love this! I live near the beach and can never seem to find the right cooler to get.

  26. sandra davis says

    We take a big ice chest with us when we go even on a small trip. But that cooler looks like it would be great to take on trips. Looks alot easier to tote around than what we use.

  27. Danielle Lindquist says

    That bag is sooo awesome and large! For us the grocery store we shop at is an hour away and we cant usually get cold stuff because it would get warm before we got home, with this we could totally start to get colder stuff!

  28. Karen Knight says

    I would love this bag!

  29. Phil Estelle Jr says

    Wow! so much bigger than I expected!

  30. I love how it also keeps stuff warm. awesome! :]

  31. Deborah Mireles says

    the perfect size not too bulky but big enough to haul a good bit of stuff around, Id love to win this!

  32. Lucy Lopez says

    These coolers are great. It is what we need for the summer.

  33. I love that it not only keeps things cool but hot as well too. This will come in handy transporting food and drink.

  34. Looks like a great bag to keep in the trunk for getting groceries home on a hot summer’s day here in the south

  35. this looks like a great cooler!!!

  36. These are great for the hot summer when I have to have drinks and water for work but need to leave them in my car.

  37. Jan Lawrence says

    I like this cooler. It’s big and looks durable and spacious.

  38. Just the right size for me and I love the soft sides!

  39. I love the cooler. I really love it’s size. I also love how easy it will be to carry.

  40. I love the fact that the Dura-Temp liner makes the bag leak and sweat proof.

  41. I love this cooler. looks larger and durable.

  42. Layan Abd says

    this color is so elegant

  43. This is a great cooler to take in the car & I also like the padded shoulder straps for carrying it around.

  44. This looks better in every way than the traditional Igloo cooler we’ve always used.

  45. Gloria Washington says

    this is exactly what i needed for our family trip!

  46. Kathy Goyer says

    Very nice cooler, would be perfect for the boat.

  47. carol marr says

    great size for my lunch and I like the 24 Pack Silver color

  48. I would use it for cookouts when going to the lake, and I can put both cold food and drinks in the bag. I like that it has a leak proof element to it 🙂 Thanks for the review!

  49. Sandy Patton says

    have a couple of the smaller ones and my husband uses them all the time. This one would be great for any kind of outing!!

  50. Linda Poplees says

    The cooler looks huge and will be perfect for grocery shopping and picnics

  51. Debbie and Coco says

    I like the portability of this cooler. I volunteer at an animal rescue, Here in Florida it gets sooo hot that I need to carry lots of ice and water to outdoor adoption events to make sure the dogs stay hydrated. This cooler would be great for that.

  52. Angie Bano says

    this sounds like a really great product. i would love to see if it worked like it says. we do trips and like to take things with us to help with not stopping so much. this sounds like just what we are needing!

  53. this would be great for when we go food shopping to put all our cold food in it or when we have a day on the boat to keep our drinks nice and cold and also I drive a school bus this would help on those very hot days..

  54. rochelle haynes says

    This is very cute!!

  55. This would work great for day trips or shopping. Seems like it could get incredibly heavy though with how large it is. I sure how those straps are reinforced so they don’t start to rip the bag if it’s packed heavy.

  56. Melissa Davis says

    This is the perfect size for our fishing trips, or for the trip home from the grocery store! The hard coolers are so awkward to “lug around” and take up so much space to store when not using. I’d much rather use this cooler!

  57. This would be so great for when we take trips. Also my husband could use it year round. He keeps a cooler full of pop in his truck at work. This would be a lot less awkward & bulky.

  58. Magan Bellflower says

    It seems like this would be perfect for us. We live in GA but our car’s a/c hasa mind of its own. Living out in the country we dont really have stores near by ths would be perfect for trip to the grocery store so the Ice cream isnt melted by the time we get home.

  59. Would be great for baby’s food

  60. cole mckinnon says

    Great for grocery shopping, milk, eggs, ice-cream, etc. and also when we go camping to the maritimes in the summer. Fantastic uses.

  61. Great for camping. Cute!!

  62. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I like soft sided coolers, they are easy to use and carry around. Sounds like I could use this to keep things cool and to keep them hot.

  63. Brenda Burgess says

    this is a nice cooler, very big and convenient to carry along. It seems very sufficient to tag along with at beaches, parks and etc.

  64. i like that it keeps food hot or cold, and the sizes are great, i live in the country and the stores are a good distant from me i could use these for differant items i need to travel home with.. or picnics

  65. Linda Walters says

    Our last cooler bit the dust so we need a new one. These look really nice and look like they would last for a good long time. We travel about once every other month to see our sone in college and to make sure he has everything he needs so this would really come in handy

  66. Stephanie Owens says

    We go camping and boating a lot during breaks from work and school. We use at least 3 coolers that take up lots of room and just do not travel well. I would love to have a PolarBearCooler!!

  67. John Travis says

    This would be great for grocery shopping plus it would be nice for our days of outing

  68. I love that it keeps food warm and its big enough for our beer…we usually have to take two of them to the beach concerts…with this problem solved!

  69. shannon dewease says

    I don’t usually have the money for family vacations, but we do take outings. This would be perfect for our picnics at the park or lake!

  70. Would love to try this out! I would have it in my car with me at work and it gets hot in there in the summer.

  71. Martha Boismier says

    Our children are grown,so I would use mine for my meds that I need.Plus throw in a couple of pos and water.

  72. This would be perfect for our hikes in the mountains. We normally have a mid-point where we’ll stop to eat. I love that it can be used to keep things hot or cold.

  73. This would be great for picnics.

  74. I use it mainly for camping it would very handy not lug my big cooler

  75. I love this bag! I love that it keeps things cold or you could use it to keep things hot. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  76. Stephanie Phelps says

    Wow this is a fantastic size bag. Being able to keep things cool or warm is nice plus as well

  77. Jen Gamble says

    We are a busy family with 2 boys in sports, this is a great cooler to keep water and sports drinks in for all their activities on any given day. Nice and portable and holds plenty of drinks and snacks.

  78. LORI ROYCE says

    What a nice size cooler! You really get a good idea of how large it actually is in the pic with your little one!

  79. Would love to have this. Especially with grand kids ballgames etc.

  80. Donna Cheatle says

    We do so many family parties in the summer and we always take a cooler full of drinks. This would be nice to have because of the portability. Not a heavy plastic box that you need wheels for!

  81. darlene carbajal says

    This would be great for picnics or when you’re at a game. 🙂

  82. Shandi Naugle says

    This would be perfect for our summer trips down the lake. Thanks for sharing this great product:)

  83. Sandra Zumbrun says

    I like that the Polar Bear Cooler 24 Pack is very durable and definitely heavy-duty since it is made of luggage grade 1000 denier nylon; therefore, it should last for a long time giving my family years of using it. Also, I love that its outer shell is a specialized open cell foam air trap design that ensures temperature is kept constant inside the bag and a Dura-Temp liner that makes the bag leak and sweat proof. Another great feature is the padded shoulder straps that allow you to sling it over your shoulders so you can have both hands free when on the move.

  84. Anita Leibert says

    I love how the Polar Bear Cooler can be used for hot as well as cold items. This cooler would really come in handy during summer months when camping!

  85. I’m also ready for summer! I love this! It has so much room but isn’t bulky!

  86. Michelle Lysaght says

    We like to go on picnics at the park a lot so this would work awesome for it.

  87. Julie Sullivan says

    I like the size of this

  88. tammy jolly says

    would love a sliver one.

  89. Rebecca Hammock says

    This is what every family needs especially bigger families because this can withstand a lot and you can use for hot and cold. Which is just awesome

  90. Lisa Schweizer says

    What a great review! My family and I go to the beach, concerts and baseball games, this would definitely come in handy 🙂

  91. stephanie bryant says

    there are sooooooooo many things i could use this for we go on so many trips for cheerleading this would be great

  92. Rich Hicks says

    like this a lot. Nice and roomy and will keep stuff cold or hot
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  93. I love how big this cooler is

  94. Lauren Rochon says

    Awesome cooler! I love the portable size and durability of the product. Thanks for the review! 🙂

  95. Nicole Becker says

    I love this cooler to take to the beach this summer!!

  96. Jennifer Holovack says

    LOVE that its leak and sweat proof, and LOVE the padded shoulder straps!

  97. Cheryl Bartram says

    This would work great at my sons baseball games

  98. Wendy Schueman says

    This sounds perfect for our canoe trip that we do every year in August, The hottest month of the summer. We do an 8 hour float down a river, we could use a cooler that would keep everything cool and not leak. Thank you!

  99. Sylvia Zajis says

    I would use it for sodas on a long car ride. 🙂

  100. Peggy Greco says

    It is versatile because you could take it on a road trip, have at the beach. or hike.

  101. This would be ideal for camping which we like to do or sitting at the baseball field while my boys play ball. Great for keeping Gatorade chilled.

  102. Christina says

    This looks like a great cooler for my family since we love doing outdoor adventures and traveling to do things.

  103. Cindy Bowling says

    Both of my granddaughters play sports so this would be perfect to carry all the drinks and snacks.

  104. Barbara Mayes says

    So big! This would be perfect for our family picnics!

  105. Awesome review! The bag is huge! It would be perfect for the beach!

  106. Andrea Perra Hadfield says

    This would be perfect for picnics and days at the park!!

  107. shelby palmer says

    i have two little boys and this would be good for going really anywhere but especially the park or going to the river because i have to take food and drinks and bottles!!

  108. i like these bags they would hold my book kindle and then the water i carry and blanket

  109. Perfect for trips! Thnaks for the chance!

  110. Becky Bryant says

    These are so awesome because they work for cold and hot. They also seem very durable.

  111. Krystal M says

    Whoa, that is a lot bigger than I thought it would be! It seems nice and durable, too. I would love to take it camping!

  112. crissi mcveay says

    we spend a lot of time out and about, i have three boys that play sports and we do a lot of camping. This would be awesome, thank you for sharing the review 🙂

  113. Tina Seagraves says

    Would be awesome for softball games !!

  114. Ashley Nolan says

    This would be good for camping or trips!

  115. christi-TX says

    I can see this bag being used all year around and the size is large but does not appear to be cumbersome.

  116. I love that it is good for hot and cold…and the material its made with is cool

  117. I love this bag. This would be good for soccer practices and trips and just about anything.

  118. I would really like to get this bag. There are so many things I could use it for 🙂

  119. gail bradford says

    I enjoy the look of these coolers. It’s more “tote” than cooler…very trendy and durable

  120. Cheri Oggy says

    This would be terrific for the beach!

  121. Lori Tobin says

    Great review! Without the picture I never would have thought it would be that big a cooler!

  122. This would be great to have on road trips it could carry everything in it for the entire family.

  123. Heather Bridson says

    I love that it can be used for hot or cold. Such a perfect cooler for taking food to the reunions.

  124. Diane Rose says

    I would love to win this cooler. It is so big and would hold everything when I go to the beach and it is sweat proof and leak proof.

  125. I like that this cooler is huge. My daughter would love something like this for when they go camping or just to a football game. Great review 🙂

  126. Sacha Schroeder says

    I need one of these – especially with baseball around the corner! Thanks for the review!


  128. william saylor says

    This would be great for our summer picnics to the lake.

  129. Yvonne Kimbler says

    Since we travel alot back and forth from arkansas to ohio this would work wonders for us. We wouldn’t have to stop to get cold drinks.

  130. This cooler looks very NICE! It certainly is roomy and can probably hold a lot!

  131. Susan Johnson says

    I like the fact that it can be used for both hot and cold foods and beverages. I would much rather have something like this flexible bag, than a big, bulky cooler to tote around.

  132. We are often gone for the day, so this would be very handy for taking the kids food and drink in.

  133. Marylou Sakosky says

    Could really use this at the YMCA and take my towels and stuff i need for therapy .thanks for the chance .This is so much bigger than what i thought it was it also could carry my chihuaua to the vet 😉

  134. lana simanovicki says

    this would be perfect for my family of 5.my 3 little kids always thirsty and hungry.every time we go anywhere

  135. michelle warner says

    aawsome review, im going to get my family one for our trips too cool

  136. This is a very nice review and the cooler is unique, great photos. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  137. Helene Tienda says

    This is perfect for our weekly “Concert In The Park” that we attend during the summer. Thanks!

  138. I love love love that it can be used for hot and cold storage. Thanks for the great review. I sure need to win this one as I do not have a cooler or warmer at all thanks for the chance.

  139. Renee Travis says

    This would be great for our fishing trips or when we decide to go on a rode trip just for the day! It is bigger than I thought! Thank you!!! 🙂

  140. This sounds great to take with fishing and looks great to take with to family gatherings. Or just to use to keep berverages cool while relaxing around a camp fire. Thanks for sharing

  141. Kasee Johnson says

    It’s bigger than I thought! It would be perfect for carrying all of our picnic food when we’re camping!

  142. crystal lane says

    would be great to have one of these

  143. Kristi Cartwright says

    This seems like it would be perfect for day trips to the beach. I really think this is a high quality product based on your review. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  144. Vicki Chrzanowski says

    Large bag perfect for shopping outside of your area, this bag will ensure that your groceries stay cold

  145. I like to take a lot of road trips with my family so this would work perfect for keeping our drinks, snacks and lunch cold. Right now I use an old style cooler but a bag would be so much more convenient to carry and store.

  146. cathy henatyszen says

    I have to agree, having two of them would be a great plan, hot and cold to go !!!

  147. This would be great for groceries. I have a bit of a ways to go, and I would love this for summer.

  148. Valarie Lee Gentry says

    This bag sounds perfect for my family! My daughter plays competitive soccer so we have 2 to 3 practices a week and games on the weekend! We always have drinks that need to be cold, especially when it’s our turn to bring drinks for the team! I love the 24 hour coldness feature!

  149. This would be great for picnics or day trips!

  150. Kathy Smith says

    Great cooler for outdoor summer activities and taking on trips. This would be great for the family. Would love to have one.

  151. Stephanie from CT says

    great for picnics. i love having the kid show how bog it is.

  152. nikki krutz says

    wow! its bigger than i thought!

  153. Chelesa sims says

    I like how you used the little girl ( a cutie) to show its size. I didn’t know it was this big. Leak proof. I so need this.

  154. JJ Caraway says

    My daughter has a red and blue like this and they are very nice coolers She uses hers for groceries since she has to drive into town to do her shopping. They keep her groceries cold all day while she runs her errands. I just might have to talk her out of one, lol.

  155. Melissa O says

    Great for shopping at markets and groceries

  156. Gail Williams says

    I can see taking this to farmer’s market also! I love it and would use it for hot or cold things, depending.

  157. What a perfect cooler to take evrything you need on a roadtrip with family!!

  158. Lora Allen says

    I love the review of the cooler. The pic with the kid makes it really look big, did not think it would be that big. Would be wonderful to have and easy to fold up for storage.

  159. Sarah Hayes says

    These look great! Perfect for a picnic or a day out. I like the size of them

  160. What a perfect cooler to take everything you need on a road trip with family. : )

  161. lindsey harper says

    Wow! Its bigger than I thougt – can really tell by the pic. Thanks!

  162. Christina Strapp says

    This would be great to have since I live in Tx and it gets very hot. It’s a lot bigger than I thought it was.

  163. barb popescu says

    it would be perfect for those summer parties!

  164. Jennifer Coulter says

    oh this is big and nice would be great for the beach..

  165. Damian VanHart says

    Wonderful review of a handy bag

  166. Daniel Scott says

    This would be great for a day at the beach. I can’t wait until summer.

  167. tess skillsky irwin says

    Wow!! larger than I realized! How nice!

  168. Lyndi Malarchuk says

    Perfect size and amazing quality! What a great find! Thanks for the fantastic review.

  169. Suzanne Timmsen says

    I live a ways from the grocery store so this would be perfect to keep in the trunk for cold items.

  170. cool

  171. Shelly Johnson says

    Holy Moly that thing is HUGE!!! You don’t really realize how big it is until you see her holding it! This would be GREAT for my Dad. He goes fishing all day with my daughter and my mom and they always take lunch and drinks and will dock somewhere for a picnic and swim for a while. He could pack anything in this cooler!!!

  172. Sherry Carlson says

    This looks like a great cooler! I want one!

  173. Wow, those are huge coolers, very nice

  174. Roberta Hornbeck says

    I love the size! wow. I would keep it in the car at all times for groceries too.

  175. I like that it can be used for cold or hot items.

  176. The Polar Bear cooler is about the size of a Polar bear! That would be fabulous to take on our family camping trips. I’d love to have one! 🙂

  177. Caitlyn Hill says

    I love how big this thing is! It would be so helpful for me!

  178. claudia andreoni says

    nice coolers, variety of colors. i would love to win one

  179. wow…i was surprised at the size of the bag!!! This would be awesome to have when traveling…..thanx for the info 🙂

  180. Susan Theriot says

    how awesome, this can be used at the grocery store, farmers market and a trip to the beach!!!!

  181. Such a big bag great for picnic and sports.

  182. Based on your description, this would be great to take along camping. Knowing everything would stay cold and SAFE while at the beach is an added plus.

  183. Lucy Nguyen says

    I want a navy one

  184. jennifer youmans says

    It looks so much better in these pictures then the website

  185. Wow! Much bigger than I expected.

  186. Brenda Webb says

    This is great! I could find so many uses for this!!

  187. Adrien Beatty says

    After reading your review it makes me want to buy one even more!! It is perfect for my kiddos as well and it contributes to keeping them hydrated during the hot season while having their favorite cold drinks.

  188. wow next to the little girl it really looks big. 24 pack is a big amount to pack, great

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  189. I love that it’s not a big hard plastic cooler – so it’ll be much easier to store when not in use!

  190. I wish I was as organized as you! I really like that the cooler can work with either hot or cold items. This would be great for traveling with our Granddaughters. Thanks for the great giveaway!! =)

  191. This is awesome, I have 2 toddlers that are always thirsty and in the summer it gets so hot that drinks dont take long at all to get warm or even hot. this would b e perfect

  192. Andra Eads says

    The size of the cooler seems nice. I love that it can be for either cold or hot. Makes it useful all year round.

  193. Kathy Lane says

    Great review!I like that it can be used for hot or cold!

  194. tailgating and beach time

  195. This would be great to take to the races. It’s huge!

  196. keeps drinks and food cool for any amount of fun you ae havin. Holds more than just food and drinks.

  197. Jennifer Mitchell says

    This is an awesome size and would be perfect for any amount of items for a day of fun rather than packing more than one cooler of bag

  198. This sounds like the perfect product for my family. With my kids, drinks on trips are a must.

  199. Its much larger than I imagined. But thats great for like cross country driving vacation times. And the Silver one is so sweet. It make a perfect companion for trips.

  200. Rosie Kunie says

    I like those bags! I got alot of information from your review. I didn’t realize the bag was so large. That is a good to know about using it for “hot” foods also. Thanks for the info. I will be purchasing on of the Polar Bear Coolers, but I just can’t decide which one would be best and which one I like the best! I do like them in the color Green! Thanks again! Rosie

  201. ashley rhodes says

    My family and I also go on trips and this would be great for us to take cold drink’s in,every cooler I have bought has all way’s leaked.I would love to win this so I can prove to my husband that all canvas coolers don’t leak!!1

  202. kathy pease says

    this would be awesome for a trip to the lake or beach 🙂

  203. Elizabeth Kearney says

    My kids are always hungry or thirsty on car rides, it seems impossible to have something big enough to accommodate everything that they need food/drink wise, this seems to be large enough to do just that. Looks like a great durable product.

  204. This would be the perfect solution to take on trips especially it being leak proof. We have alot of trouble finding coolers that do not leak. Thanks for the information

  205. John Hutchens says

    very nice I could use this on my fishing trips

  206. this looks like a very nice size! It’s much easier to have 1 bigger tote than 2 smaller ones that they don’t fit…

  207. Mia Dentice Carey says

    Living in the South I need to use coolers ALL the time…especially trips to the grocery store. This would be GREAT for me to keep in the car for those occasions as well as to use for our picnic lunches to the park. Thanks for sharing!

  208. Leona Olson says

    We keep a cooler in the car at all times and these are great.

  209. laurie nykaza says

    I love the Polar Bear 24 Pack Cooler because you can carry many items in it great size. My son is diabetic and I always need to keep his insulin cold and this would do the trick.

  210. I like that the polar cooler with keep foods either hot or cold. Versatility counts when your on a budget.

  211. Sandy McFadden says

    I love the size of this roomier than most I have seen

  212. Diane Sallans says

    this would be great to take to the beach!

  213. Kimberly Davis says

    This would be great for the park.

  214. Mary DeBorde says

    We’re always on the go during the summer time, and instead of having to stop
    and buy cold drinks & snacks along the way, this would be a great item to keep in the vehicle and fill up before we leave on our day trips 🙂

  215. Perfect for summers by the river!

  216. Lisa Paone says

    Love that not only does it keep things cold, it also can keep them hot! Thanks for the great review.

  217. dawn cook says

    like the fact it is for hot or cold items! perfect for the beach or our 4 hr trip to see my step daughter

  218. We are planning a trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee in March and I’ve been looking for a cooler big enough to hold drinks in for the trip down there. This would be perfect!

  219. that is one big bag

  220. glen hinkle says

    awesome for a trip

  221. Lisa Bromley says


  222. Krista Stenhaug says

    Love it and want one!

  223. Michelle Tucker says

    I love that it keeps ice as long as it does. I’ve never had good luck with coolers doing that. Thanks for the info! Now I’m ready for summer.

  224. With a move back to the Midwest in the planning, a new cooler would be great for our camping trips.

  225. Great for trips to see the granddaughter!

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    I live in Texas. This would be wonderful since it keeps things cool even in 100degree temperatures, which are all the time here!

  236. Barbara Stenby says

    A traditional cooler takes up so much room and is a pain to carry especially at the beach this looks AWESOME!!!

  237. Thanks for the review! I can not recall hearing of this brand before , but it looks great! We like spending the day at the park or going hiking and camping and I love a product that can keep our foods and drinks hot or cold as we like them!

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    great for our sons.football games

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  242. It looks bigger than i thought.

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  247. Immaculate Copeland says

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    This bag is a lot bigger than I thought. That’s good though. Perfect for going camping or fishing.

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  253. i like no leaking or sweating

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  278. I like that it’s leak proof

  279. Denise Ewan says

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  280. melinda fritz says


  281. Stephanie Lage says

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  287. This is great and very durable. My husband works in construction and destruction is the name… So I know this would hold up for him..

  288. Stacy Bauer says

    I Love that the bag is made of Luggage Grade 1000 Denier Nylon, so it will last for all those trips to the Beach and road trips to Tennessee and the North Carolina Mountains!!! Thanks for the chance to win such an AWESOME Giveaway!!!

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  290. I agree about the leak and sweat proof! Seems so early to be planning summer but it will be here before you know it!

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  296. Mihai Ioan Bizga says

    It’s very practical.

  297. kelly nicholson says

    not just for coco-cola

  298. Jacqueline Lane says

    thats awesome for bringing home take out food and keeping it hot until you get home to eat it!

  299. Maddie K. says

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  302. Thanks for the review, I love that it is leak proof.

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  312. I was looking into getting a soft cooler and ran across this thread. I was looking at NorChill coolers website http://www.norchillcoolers.com . I noticed they were running a 25% off sale right now and I saw they had good reviews. Anyone have experience with this brand?

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