Product Review: Revving Up With The Tagamoto Road Set


Ask men what their interested in and more than half, if not all, would most likely say cars.  Well, my little Sean is no different.  At his very young age of 2, he’s already shown great interest in cars.  What better way to indulge his fancy than by giving him hordes of toy cars and tracks.


One of my recent purchases for my son is a Tagamoto Road Set which came with a motorized car and an easy to assemble road.  What makes the Tagamoto Road Set exciting is that it uses sophisticated code and sensor technology that allows a child to control the car’s movement without using a remote control.


The road set has more than 20 easy-to-connect pieces that includes one straight, four curves, three-way tee base, four street lights, an overhead road sign, three road cones, and three street signs.  Each set also comes with either a functioning stop sign or tollbooth.  There are more than 10 bar codes that can be placed strategically to control when the car should turn or stop.


The collectible motorized car that comes with the set has over 15 different sounds.  My son is delighted when he hears the engine revving and when the car lights up.  You can also play with it off road as the Tagamoto car will drive on most smooth surfaces.  The car requires battery to read codes and drive through the roads but can also be played without battery.  The front wheels snap down so the car can move freely.

The Tagamoto Road Set gives a child freedom to create his own play environment. Since the child is free to place the codes wherever he wishes, he is able to control how the car moves through the road.  Now this also proves to be a great way to teach my son about traffic rules and road safety while having a perfectly fun time playing together.

VERDICT : I highly recommend this for parents with boys. This will keep them entertained for quite a while 🙂

WHERE TO BUY? You can buy Tagamoto Code the Road 20-Piece Road Set on


  1. You’re absolutely right. MY son has a big bin of different matchboxes and hot wheels but every time we go to the store, he wants to keep adding more. Oh boy!

    That’s a nice set you have there!

  2. I seriously LOVE racetracks! Too much fun.

  3. oh my son would LOVE this!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. These do look fun and I think I’d enjoy playing with them so may get some for the grand sons 🙂

  5. My kids would love that – great way to create new journey every time. Great Idea

  6. What a great little set, I bet my boys would love this so that they could actually race! Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Jenna M Wood says

    It’s hot wheels for the 21st century…but with a retro trian track feel, neat!

  8. wow! I am sure my boy would so love this!

  9. this is pretty cool! am sure all kids would love to have this kind of toy.

  10. cool! my son has something like this too and he loves it. this will surely keep our young ones occupied

  11. This looks really cool. I honestly wanted to buy something like that for my little girl. She used to like cars and was very enthusiastic when she saw the display in the toy store. But she was influenced by someone here and started saying that this and that is for boys only.

  12. Looks like a cool toy.. too bad I have a girl. She prefers kitchen sets and market stalls

  13. I agree, boys really love cars and I bet your son is very happy with his new tagamoto road set.

  14. This reminded me so much of Tamiya.. hahaha 😀 anyway, I’m glad your little boy enjoyed his new Tagamoto set 🙂

  15. Adin U. Blankenship says

    Oh mommy, thank you so much for sharing this one. I might get one for my boy since he loves everything with wheels and with tracks. And with the price, how wonderful.

  16. This is really a boy’s toy 🙂 If I have a son, this will be a great gift for sure.

  17. Agree to you mommy!…my baby is girl but she also has interest in car toy..

  18. Carol Trautwein says

    This is awesome for kids, the lack of a remote does give him more room to play around the set as he create his own road. This is something I would buy for my grandchildren !

  19. md kennedy says

    This is an awesome set! Beats matchbox hands down. Definitely on the Christmas list this year for my nephew.

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